Tho’ I never knew you
I know you now
Now, I share you pain
The murder of your mother
by a psychopath
for a banana, all fell
A lifelong confinement
The crime, sui generis–
put on display
That all might admire
but never respect
As you endured
the agonizing defect
of your life, your


Snowflake 1964 – November 24, 2003

Copito de Nieve, Spanish for Snowflake, was an albino gorilla whose uniqueness — and the psychopathic greed and influence of a deranged banana plantation owner was to blame for his capture and incarceration, and the massacre of his troop (all black gorillas) by the cold-blooded murderer known as, Benito Mañé.

“During the massacre, his [Snowflake’s] mother was shot by Mañé whilst she tore a banana stem apart in his banana plantation. The small creature was found clinging to his mother’s neck, his head buried deep in her black fur.”[1]

Orphaned for a fucking banana.

If you feel the outrage building within you right about now, good. You damn well should, if you’re vegan. But if you’re not vegan, and you feel upset by this then you suffer from cognitive dissonance.

Snowflake went on to spent the remainder of his long enduring life in the prison confines of the Barcelona Zoo, Spain. Restrained there for public exhibition and profit until he died.

[1] Snowflake


  1. I can’t press “like.” I think there should be a tribunal for animal murderers. I also think something should be done to those who cage and exploit them as well. I realize that some need care and protection but that’s different than what is done to most captured and detained beings. My one wish is always the same. May whatever you do to others come back to you 3 xs stronger.

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  2. So, so sad and wrong. Makes me weep. That this happens just makes me scream and the people who do it are beyond reasoning with, they feel nothing, they are dead inside and there are sadly, far too many of them in the world and in the highest places of control and power, which is why the world is such a fucked up place and I fear for it, because though there seem to be more people waking up, I am not sure it isn’t too late, that we have past the point of no return. I hope not, but I am far from confident about the future if things don’t change. I guess we can just keep trying, even so, even when things seem so bleak, because there’s nothing else to do. We have to keep expressing one way or another, even if no-one listens because to stop is even worse. Beautiful, sad words, again, thank you for sharing….

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    1. I share your sense of doom. And too your drive, as you say we have to keep on expressing. I’ve convinced two people that I know that are now solid ethical vegans. There could be more, I would like to think, but I don’t know for sure. But that’s the thing, if each of us was able to reach just one person, and that person did the same and so on… But, I’m not sure that is what’s happening.

      Thanks for all you do.

      Peace, strength, courage.

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      1. It does feel like perpetually running uphill sometimes but nothing else to do, I can’t ignore my heart, even if I don’t get anywhere!!! For all the people who are waking up, more seem to be getting dumber, I don’t know where it will end but I’m glad there are some of us who manage to see through to what matters!! Thanks for your words, keep going, the world needs you!!

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  3. Heart-breaking, these stories literally bring me to tears, and so they should. Your words above are a perfect fit. Thank you.

    I’ve realised it says I can ‘follow’ you, but I am already following you, so I’ve clicked again. Stupid WP.

    esme sore of heart upon the Cloud

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    1. I have precisely the same issue, Esme. I thought Peter had quit blogging as I’d had no notifications, but coming here on the off-chance I saw the little banner said ‘follow’, as if I wasn’t already! I did like you, and pressed it again. Doubly stupid WP.

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