Born Vegan

Born Vegan

You were born a Vegan.
You were born autonomous.
You were born a free and caring spirit,
compassionate, loving, thoughtful.
That’s what being a Vegan Anarchist is.
But you were young, naive.
Not knowing which way to turn,
you turned to them.
And they turned you,
into their own.
And now,
we need you to come back,
back to your free spirit.


  1. Once again you have summed it up so beautifully. It just makes sense. But so many people have everything backwards these days and cannot see the manipulation, cannot see how ‘unfree’ they really are and how their attenton is steered and prodded and fed on crap. It’s so simple but they cannot see it, will not see it. Anyway, thank you again, for sharing your words, I won’t get into a ramble, I nearly did, but I stopped myself!! Thanks, keep doing what you’re doing!!

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