Lion and cub eating a Cape buffalo. by Luca Galuzzi -
Photo Credit: Luca Galuzzi – – Lion and cub eating a Cape Buffalo.[1]
Animals eat animals.

Yep, some do.

About 250 species of animals are carnivores, a minuscule number to the whole.[2]

We call these animals, predators. They are a beneficial lot whose actions sustain an ecological balance. Unlike the human who too holds the distinction as a predator, albeit better defined as an insane predator, whose senseless, needless killing is nothing short of murder. And whose very existence is hostile to aiding any semblance of environmental harmony.

Let’s compare the two, the sane to an insane predator, to better understand their differences.

While the animal predator is quick to kill their prey, the human predator is a malicious creature whose selfish demand keeps their prey prisoner, caged, confined, and tortured, and often for years before brutally dispatched.

While the animal predator has no interest in a theatrical production of their kill, the human — Hunter and gourmand alike — conceited and vainglorious model beside their fresh-kill or their gluttonous feast for stills and videos to later gloat and brag to posterity, or to any who pretend to lend an ear.

Further, some make trophies of the dead carcasses or dismembered parts thereof and set them on exhibit to further inflate their bloated egos. It’s called compensating, an effort to mask their deficiencies as a natural predator and the diversion of their sexual inadequacy.

The animal predator is by nature equipped to capture prey and consume it raw. Not so with the insane predator whose slowness, dull senses, and lesser agility requires weapons, snares, traps, and cowardly underhanded tactics, and the flesh he desires to devour must be properly treated and cooked to make palatable and safe for his consumption. Despite this, the insane predator fights an endless battle with excessive protein intake, digestive maladies, heartburn, constipation, indigestion, obesity, and disease.

While the animal predator kills to live, the human predator lives to kill or has his victims slain by another; this is his so-called sport, a bloodlust excitement. Possessed with an obsession to murder that he not only commits against the vulnerable but also upon his species.

Yes, some animals eat other animals. However, the highly evolved and keenly aware human animal declines any participation.

[1] Photo Credit: Luca Galuzzi,

[2] 10 Facts About Carnivores


      1. Well, I am still not perfect. Yes I am vegan, I don’t directly use any animal based products. I still use transport which causes environmental harm, I still use electronic devices which contribute to landfills etc etc. We can’t be 100% impact free, at least not as things stand at this moment. But I make an effort to minimise the impact and suffering caused. ✌️

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          1. Agreed, you could go mad if you thought about every moment of our lives and the impact it has, it’s impossible to be ‘perfect’ in that sense, unless you killed yourself, of course, but we need to keep hanging in there as ones who are actually awake and aware and willing to try to pass this on to others, however futile a task that might seem, and help whatever animals may pass through our lives, and to stress over every effect of living our lives doesn’t achieve anything.

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  1. “While the animal predator is quick to kill their prey, the human predator is a malicious creature whose selfish demand keeps their prey prisoner, caged, confined, and tortured, and often for years before brutally dispatched.” – This alone is so powerful a statement it speaks volume as to many human’s innate nature. The idiotic retorts I’ve had aimed at me when I say I do not eat meat are manifold, and the ones that would prompt an answer your words provide make up a fair amount of those. Thank you Peter, concise and to the point, just what we need.

    esme nodding upon the Cloud

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  2. Brilliant. So well written. So spot on, it never ceases to amaze me the ability people have to justify what they do, and how defensive they get when you point out the obvious and they know they don’t really have a viable answer, and this ridiculous comparison to carnivores, god, how often is that churned out, the excuse we are carnivores, predators, top of the food chain, and they look so smug saying it, as if it is indisputable, just meant to be this way, that’s how life is, get used to it, so cocky, while buying their meat neatly chopped,wrapped and packaged from the nearest supermarket, but worse as you noted is the indifference, that’s what gets me, when people really do not care; it doesn’t matter what you say, what you show them, they just do not care, at all, that is the worst, because you can never get through to someone like that and I’m afraid there are far too many like this, you just have to look around. They control everything and are making this world a hell-hole. Great piece of writing!!

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  3. Hello Peter,

    It is good to see you branching out 🙂

    This is a short and very well reasoned pieced within the limits of your interogation. It would have been interesting to see your rationale on the “creative power”, i.e. if everything was “fair” why is “life” based on the consumption/destruction of other life (whether animal or vegetable. It’s lucky plants don’t scream!)?

    My latest on Ozzie Thinker may, on some levels, have been written in a vain attempt to lure your back. I miss your “likes” against my blog articles, so I would be intetesting in your response if you find the time to look me up again 🙂



    1. Thank you for the backhanded compliment, OT.

      I’m not sure where that came from, but I would never purposely suggest anything in life as fair; that’s simply a misguided concept of the spoilt, a manner of cognitive dissonance, a sort of Doublethink. Unless it is the weather, nothing is fair. I don’t like the fact that any animals eat animals, but it is a reality. I could assure you if I had any say in the design of life on earth it wouldn’t be so. In fact, we wouldn’t even be here to have this conversation.

      And as far as plants screaming, (how many times have I heard something along that line, eh?). Well, no comment.

      I’ll read your post shortly.

      Thanks for reading mine.


      1. You may well be right, but could I give you another avenue of thought?

        Myself, manifesting in the priviledged position of having been given access to what’s “behind the scenes” of existence, I know that everything on the manifest plane enters into contracts with existence. Everything knows what could happen prior to existing and everything [that manifests] agrees with it. It’s not predestination, but the fabric or infrastructure does follow a strict plan/blueprint in order for everything to be cohesive.

        In fact, in other manifest planes (higher ones) beings only consume light (and in lower planes emotion too). Not to diminish the trauma of pain, in my manifest life, I have found “the thought of it” far more powerful than the event, so I do wonder whether those living things with diminished sensitivity are less affected by violent catastrophe.

        As for why? Well, that is a perplexing question. Why did the cycle of violence build into an entire dimension devoted to survival? The “light beings” inform me this was a consequence of karma. Things built and built until that was the only resolve for existence on this plane. It is staggering to think that prior to the age of the dinosaurs there were no carnivores. Now, if plants felt no pain and existed because (per the contract) they had vollunteered to serve [goodness], then I could accept that compromise. Whether “believed” or not, the most remembered human being was a MARTYR called Jesus!

        Have a nice day 🙂


          1. The great syndome of the modern age is the manufacture of fantasy passed off as truths.

            People assert they “believe”, when they actually mean, “I have decided it is so”. Hitler has encouraged mini-dictators to aspire in every facet of society, most oblivious to the fact.

            You are the evidence, commonmannblog. Thank you for affirming it.


  4. I totally agree with you. You cannot compare animal predators to us because it is a totally different game. Lions, cheetahs, bears, tigers etc. need the meet to survive and kill it within seconds while we torture our meat by keeping them in cages or small areas where they cannot even walk around. The treatment of factory animals, zoo animals, and research animals is absurd and immoral.

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