Martha the last Passenger Pigeon


    1. Should I live another hundred years, no, a thousand years I’d not learn of all the atrocities committed by this our species.

      Incredible story, another tragedy to fill the pages of never ending sad tales.

      Thanks for sharing, Carol.


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  1. So beautiful, so sad. Poignant words, beautiful picture. I see the ‘saddest polar bear in the world’ has just died too, in a vile zoo in Argentina, all attempts to try and get him released were blocked. Heartbreaking. It never ends, does it, there is just more and more, every day. That’s why it’s good to visit these blogs, at least to realize there are some people who get it; please keep writing.

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    1. There are a growing number of aware people, vegans; despite the growing travesties. There are reliable indicators in our favor. But, I believe too that a decidedly vegan world is somewhat beyond our generations. That is if humans survive themselves.

      Every forward thinking movement has its vanguard; we are this. Take pride and comfort in that, as you may.

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