Us and Them

Us and Them

It was never us against them,

in the beginning.

But they who turned us against them,

in the end.

Now, that’s all changing.


  1. I just don’t get it. If people stopped eating meat, they would feel so much better. So, why can they not understand this? Fewer pills would be needed. There would be fewer medical bills because I gotta tellya, a cow would get really sick after having eaten a so-called ‘human’. But I think cows would have enough sense to not even go that route.

    Thanks for another excellent piece, Peter.

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  2. I found out only yesterday that a very popular pub in the centre of town has changed their menu and are now serving many vegan versions of the pizzas the chef handmakes. He’s from Italy, and I ended up talking to him at the end of the night a couple of months ago, asking him if he’d thought about using some vegan alternative as vegan/vege options, because there are a lot more of us about now and we’d definitely eat them. He was very open to the idea and asked some questions about possible alternatives and blo me down- he did it! He came second in some country-wide hand-made pizza competition so he knows his stuff. It isn’t just cheese that’s on offer, he does some vegan chorizo and fake chicken options which may tempt those ready to be swayed if the taste is right. It’s sad that taste and therefore basic selfishness rules so many, but so long as they give it a try we’re going in the right direction.

    esme of Cloud fame

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  3. Very wise as ever!! So well expressed in so few words. I wish I could be so succinct!! I so,so wish people could see that simple truth. It drives me crazy but people mostly don’t think to deeply, think much at all, about anything really….I find myself more and more intolerant of people….

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      1. You’re so welcome.
        And that’s just it- people only ever focusing on their own selfish little universes. So small-minded and shut down, no real thought about anything, I think most people have forgotten how to actually think for themselves, that they are even able to!! I despair sometimes, well….most times……….

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