Bear murderers and turncoat hounds – image public domain via

Hunters, Trappers, Anglers Alike

Psychopathy is an equal opportunity debasement. Spawned in every shape, size, and social order while infesting every sphere of human involvement. But fortunately not every human.

Among the top of the psychopathic pecking order, you’ll find the redneck, dimwitted hunter, trapper, angler. Just one small, nearly imperceptible prick below the ruling elite in psychotic potential.

To murder any non-threatening, innocent earthling struggling to survive among the infestation of humanity requires a psychopathic reasoning.


Killing is deplorable.

It is a violent, heinous act of delusion, hate, irreverence, and war. It is the last resort to an extreme adversity, at very best.

To view hunting, trapping, angling as a sport is the twisted logic of a psychopath, a madman. Or, as is often the case, a madwoman.

Participation in a so-called sport by so-called sportsmen where the odds are so incredibly overwhelming that there exists no possibility of failure, no threat of defeat, no risk of life or limb, where then is the thrill, the excitement, the challenge of the game?

There isn’t any.

It’s all a coward’s sadistic amusement, a psychopath’s recreation.


  1. Too true, Peter, and over here in England there’s even now the possibility of the right-wing government lifting the fox-hunting ban. Mind you, the hunt groups ignored the law anyway, and fox-hunting never actually ceased with the introduction of the law 11 years ago. Some people just don’t get it, and if you live in a rural area, such as I do, then you’re considered slightly crazed not to accept the supposed need to kill wildlife of many kinds – foxes, badgers, magpies, etc.

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    1. Hey, Hariod. I suppose the view from a psychopath would paint you, and I and others of our ilk slightly crazed. Or full-fledged loonies, even. But that’s okay; we know who the real nut-jobs are.

      Until the masses begin to connect the dots of oppression and recognize that all forms of oppression are linked, then I fear we’re in store for more of the same.

      Thanks for the comment!


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  2. I have mixed feelings about this post, since I’m a Vegan (all organic too) I understand it, however, I would not put the First Nations People who live on Haida Gwaii, for example, and eat fish, shrimp, crabs, etc., into a box/category of ‘pscychopath’, because unless one is privalged and has the wealth to buy Vegan food, it isn’t doable at that location on the planet.

    I’m a Vegan and eat organic because I believe it’s nonviolent, healthy, natural to the human body, I love the holistic aspect of the Vegan diet, etc., however, I’m not religious about it and believe that name calling and condemning the people who have other food choices is going to discourage them to check out a Vegan diet.

    I think that, ‘preaching to the choir’ — doesn’t attract others to join the Vegan choir.
    People come to these decisions with their own free will, put down and name calling only delays enthusiasm if it was beginning to bloom.


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