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At the Moment

At the moment, there’s a bullet spiraling through the air with someone’s name on it, in a war zone, in the back alleys of Chicago; it’s all the same.

There’s a pig in a slaughterhouse scared shitless knowing she’s about to lose her life, silenced only by a razor-sharp knife.

There’s a sweaty politician in a smoky back room of some stinking dive taking bribes and snorting coke.

There’s a teenage boy in his room crying his heart out over the girl who dumped him for his best friend, his finger on the trigger.

There’s a circus elephant chained to a stake reminiscing about his life back in the Serengeti with his family.

There’s a highway patrolman on the roadside urging a favor from a drop-dead gorgeous blond in a sleek convertible.

There’s a brook filling with toxic chemicals spewed by some second rate factory saving a few bucks on proper disposal.

There’s a neglected housewife screwing the pool guy while her husband’s in Las Vegas on “business” screwing his secretary.

There’s a shark lying motionless on the ocean floor, but his fins, they say, makes good soup.

There’s you and me sitting at a table beneath a tree at an open-air cafe on a pleasant morning having a cup of overpriced coffee. You pay the tip. Then we hail a cab to Jupiter, where we bath in a warm celestial pool of glittering goo and watch turquoise stars and golden orbs shoot across the fiery sky. 10,000 years later, we hop a double-decker bus back to earth. Back to the same old crap at the moment.


  1. And the dream of finding “The Northwest Passage” means waking up to the news that an ultimate luxury cruise for the one percent of the one percent fills its gills with the incomprehensibly decadent gazers’ gaping faces. They look out upon desperately impoverished Native Americans along the melting shoreline. A thousand years of native culture gazes back at those nice people on the deck.
    Ecosystem 2016 Cruise: The after-lunch Itinerary includes a spectacle of freshly dead bears on innumerable ice floes.

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  2. Very moving, very haunting, this has stuck in my head since I first read it, I keep musing on it. I don’t think there’s a solution, every time I feel a glimmer of hopeful possibility, a wave of horrors washes it all away again.I just can’t see humanity, over all, changing greatly, any time soon. Powerful piece.Filling my thoughts.

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    1. Of course, I don’t believe our species, as we know it, will be around in 10,000 years for the same old at the moment. I think we may well be on the brink of our extinction.

      I’m currently reading, One Cosmic Instant, Man’s Fleeting Supremacy, by John A. Livingston, a naturalist, and writer.

      It’s a good book, great insight, and I recommend it. But the title says it all.

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      1. I think you’re right, I can’t see humanity lasting too much longer, it seems destined to end. Maybe, as the late George Carlin said, ..’the planet will shake us off like a bad case of fleas..’ Thanks for the book suggestion, it sounds really interesting, must look into that. A new book out called ‘Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow’ by Yuval Noah Harari sounds interesting too. His view of the future of humanity is apparently quite shocking and not too optimisitic!! Apparently he’s vegan, I didn’t know that, it sounds quite fascinating.

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