They say sex sells.

Perhaps, a trifle.

However, nothing outsells fear, and each fear has something significant to sell, tangible and otherwise.

The fear of war.
The fear of peace.
The fear of death.
The fear of hell.
The fear of gods.
The fear of devils.
The fear of jail.
The fear of disease.
The fear of growing old.
The fear of going bald.
The fear of growing fat.
The fear of ridicule.
The fear of loneliness.
The fear of terrorism.
The fear of the weather.
The fear of loss.
The fear of failure.
The fear of success.
The fear of sexual impotence.
The fear of the future.
The fear of foreigners.
The fear of gays.
The fear of blacks.
The fear of yellows.
The fear of reds.
The fear of browns.
The fear of whites.
The fear of men.
The fear of women.
The fear of insects.
The fear of animals.
The fear of protein deficiency.
The fear of calcium deficiency.
The fear of vitamin deficiency.
The fear of Veganism.

We live in a world predicated on fear.

As for me? I’m fearless.


  1. Agree wholeheartedly. You have to be fearless in a world that SELLS FEAR and covers you in it 24 hours a day. I don’t look at it or read about it, unless one of my friends sends me something. It’s insane. People are afraid of absolutely EVERYTHING! Great post. Try naming things people aren’t supposed/expected to be afraid of. LOL People are afraid of LIFE. It’s almost as if they forgot how to just live.

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  2. No, no one is completely void of fear; it’s a privileged stature in society to not be the victim of waterboarding, illegal white-phosphorus bombs, thirst, homelessness, rape, no sewage, slavery (children too are slaves, slavery never left, the iPad, etc., is all made from slave labour: iSlave), outdoor prison surrounded by walls (Gaza), etc.


  3. I left a comment on here yesterday and now it’s gone!! Weird!! This has happened a few times lately, and on Facebook..strange….unnerving…..someone is erasing my words… thoughts…..arrgghhh!!!!
    (I guess I’m just doing something stupid.)
    Good post again, spot on, everything is designed to stir up maximum fear and tension isn’t it and ramping it up all the time, creating even more stuff to worry about, mix that in with all the wave after wave of must-have crap and the greedy, shallow, self-obsessed lifestyle nowadays and most people are hooked, falling right into the responses required for ‘them’ to push out the agenda they want. That old manipulation working overtime.Still no one gets it. As some idiot female said, when asked if she was worried by the increasingly big brother tactics instilled in our lives, and I quote, ‘I’d give up my liberty for freedom.’ Nuff said.
    ‘Fearless’- I like that. I think it. I’m trying.

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  4. True indeed and how the media peddles its terrible wares in order to keep everyone hooked on said fear. It is the most powerful form of control. As Albert Einstein said –

    “Three great forces rule the world; stupidity, fear and greed”

    esme agreeing with Peter and Albert upon the Cloud

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