They tell me I’ve changed,

but they don’t know the half.

They say I’ve lost my mind,

but it was never mine to begin.

—At an art fair in Southern Indiana

artists peddle their overpriced wares, nice as they are,

to the interested disinterested masses

who will go home carrying mostly what they came with.

There’s a fat, red-faced white man wearing a bow tie and straw hat,

his shirt wet with salty sweat,

holding the reins to his horse-drawn carriage,

sitting beneath the shade of the built-in canopy,

while his slave horses bake in the sun on the hot pavement

beside God’s Christian church where they’re serving chicken breasts

to the old folks bused in from who-the-fuck-knows-where.

(Little do any of these, the old fat fucker, or God even care as long as they all get what they came for: money, a meal, obedience.)

A racially mixed crowd marches through the streets protesting the KKK,

who are protesting Goddamn knows what.

However, the straight-piped Harleys drown them both out

in a sea of roaring CCs, with attitudes to match.

Thick smoke drifts up in the hot still air from the food corridor,

where folks revel on the flesh of my friends,

invading like a mob in a creepy zombie film show,

immersing clothes, hair, and eyes in a rancid haze

nauseating the senses of the sensitive,

while I buy six dollars a bar, handmade soap

—only because it’s vegan.

A few miles down, in middle of the road, a deer lies slowly dying,

her legs twitch, her eyes alert.

Hit by a distracted driver posting selfies to Instagram—

because the bitch thinks she’s special and can.

With 4000+ faux Facebook friends, what other possible conclusion is there?

Well, I think you know what the problem is just as well as I do.

The Millennial’s mother told her, she was special,

and so she believes it.

Well, she’s not and neither are you.

—Unless you’re doing something special, you’re just another

run-of-the-mill, bottom-dwelling crap-sucker

sucking hind tit off an Empire struggling

to defeat 30,000 Taliban

while it taunts a billion Chinese

and a million Russians into war,

set to the music of a nuclear finale.

But still, its dutiful citizens pledge allegiance.

(Except for a handful down on one knee.)

And the nation prepares to make it all better

by voting to be, “Stronger Together.”

A megalomaniac on one side a psychopath on the other,

take your pick, red or blue, it doesn’t fucking matter.

Meanwhile a white teenager, his hair in dreadlocks,

takes a brow beating from a black girl, her hair in dreadlocks,

both look hip as shit, but accusing him of

“Cultural Appropriation.”

What the fuck?

Who starts all this confrontational interpretation?

In my time, and I know that’s irrelevant,

it was that imitation was the sincerest form of flattery.

No more, now it’s a personal affront.

Another goddamn wedge forced between people

pretending to fight for social justice,

while they rob liquor stores and steal TVs

from their own neighborhood establishments.

And nobody realizes they’re being played to the hilt,

by an elite who’s dead-set on destroying us all for a trillion bucks,

and the power to match.

…they say I’ve changed.


  1. The least culpable of crime are the first indicted for disturbing the peace during an unending war against peace. Just yesterday I stood in a queue with a perfect stranger. He could not arrive at words to express his frustration at the theater of ultra absurdity we had separately but commonly witnessed in these very strange times. “Changed” evoked quite the same perplexity: two days running now.

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  2. Marvellous, couldn’t have put it better!! It is beyond frustrating that people cannot, will not, see how they are being manipulated and controlled, but they won’t listen, they just will not get it, and the hypocrisy of people, as you pointed out so well, who like to believe they are ‘good’ people, while all the time just being cruel, ignorant and selfish and yet cannot see it, it staggers me. The divisions growing all the time and people making it so easy, falling for the hype of the over zealous ‘PC’ police, that are just making more divisions, thinking they are about freedom when really allowing more and more control to shut us all down. Great post.

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  3. Excellent work portraying the reality of mindless oppression, competition, and consumerism, Peter. It is a powerful, perhaps insurmountable, force today. And yet, in a small insignificant corner of the globe I am honored to witness those who have overcome many obstacles in their lives and are valiantly struggling to recapture what it means to rebuild healthy lives, relationships and communities. They may not succeed, but each one who works to raise awareness and breathe light into the world matters. I’m glad you keep writing your truth. It matters although you may never see the ripples of awareness your words spark. ❤

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  4. Sometimes when my anger has its way I lose control of my vocabulary. I’m sure it was the deer dying in the road that set me off. Death is rarely pleasant to witness. And when it comes about as an avoidable, stupid result of someone’s inattentiveness, it really pisses me off.

    My atheism extends only to the traditional Gods created in man’s image.

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  5. Potty mouth. Interesting term on such a serious piece. To my mind you expressed your anger and passion eloquently here Peter, and that has to include strong language in order to get its message across to my mind. We can all be offended by whatever the he’ll we wish to be of course. However, so far as being presumptuous in saying that ‘God’ – any apparent man-chosen God – doesn’t care . . . I’d be fascinated to hear said ‘God’ or any of their followers explain to me how on earth any other conclusion could be drawn when one views the torture and cruelty rife every single day that we see, let alone that which is hidden. Pffffft. Excellent piece Peter. Thank you for your words.

    esme upon the Cloud

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    1. Each to their own. And owning language is something I enjoy. Pooty seemed to make of his words something childish. We can choose and we make our own demons. I’ll keep my words and I think Peter used his perfectly well.

      esme of no shit sherlock upon the Cloud fame

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    2. That isn’t quite clear to me. Do you mean that you believe that there is a god or goddess and think it presumptuous to say they do not care because people have to take responsibility for all the cruelty and killing in the world? They should do I agree, yet god isn’t much use as some spectator at something akin to lions fighting people in arenas. The possibility of a god or goddess or a sexless being/alien holding some sway over us seems feasible to me as I cannot possibly know if they do exist. But if they do it also seems clear they do not care, you can’t be creating monsters and then wash your hands if the matter, which is why I agreed with Peter’s words. I’m gleaning from our conversation that we may have to agree to disagree on the whole shebang here – the use of swearing and how cruel any potential god/goddess /alien being may be etc, and so do not wish to needlessly continue a back and forth on Peter’s thread which seems a little rude. I am perfectly happy to continue in private messages however should there appear to be any point, otherwise we can reach an early impasse.

      esme upon the Cloud

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      1. I have covered my thoughts on that point above (name removed)- were it to be the case. You are now coming across as somewhat rude and I once again suggest we either move this to a private conversation or cease.

        esme looking tired upon the Cloud

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        1. I have never attacked you (name removed), but I do have the complete transcript of that comment thread where you showed your true nasty colours. There is no attack from me here at all, which is plain to see. I’m very happy you are sodding off. Peace out sweetie.

          esme known far and wide for attacking everyone in sight upon the Cloud

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    3. It is interesting to me, Esme, that here in America, at least, how the TV, radio news, and programming can reflect horrors and atrocities, violence and bloodshed and cruelty and yet when it comes to saying fuck they bleep or black it out. What the fuck gives with that?

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