On Earth

On Earth

On earth,
honoring the lives of all earthlings,
is bizarre behavior,
living as the contemptible.

On earth,
compassion is the extreme.
War, killing, aggression,
are the trusted traditions.

On earth,
unswayed by celebrity charm,
free of cultural imperatives,
is a societal misfit.

On earth,
rejecting the consensus,
following one’s own path,
is to know the solitude of Freedom.

On earth,
from among the pariah,
the disregarded, the vulnerable,
I’ll choose my friends.


  1. Great words, beautiful, poignant and sad, and so, so true. What a world!! I only class fellow ‘freaks’ as my friends now, which means they are few, but a tribe I am very happy to belong to. But it is always good to hear your feelings so succinctly expressed by someone else, it makes you feel less alone. So well put, made me smile, in recognition, thanks….

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  2. I quite agree with each response so far. These really do feel like five refreshing ocean waves, each as bracing as the previous wave. And it is quite wonderful to encounter kindred spirits gathering here at the stew pot. Poetry is such a great form for getting to the essential and the inexplicable.
    I am proud of the label ‘agoraphobic’, its root is Greek for ‘marketplace’: something really frightening, and quite the opposite of a refreshing wave in my experience. Am I verbose or what? (rhetorical question).
    And, while I’m at it, a friendly wave to each 🙂

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    1. Agoraphobic is not unjustified, I think. Mob mentalities are an unreasonable beast at best, as we know.

      And, Bill, verbose is always welcomed here at the Stew among these kindred spirits, in fact, encouraged.

      A hearty wave to you, sir.

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      1. To quote Bill – “And it is quite wonderful to encounter kindred spirits gathering here at the stew pot.” – that’s a great description for all that gather here Peter, you do unite many people who would never have previously met but for being drawn to your words and having their strenth of belief in justice and compassion for animals, and kindness throughout the world encouraged through them. The poem – waves indeed, there’s a beat to follow in there. Have you ever considered audio versions of your poetry? I know a poet who has a small audio file underneath her poems in each post so one can listen to the author as well as read them. I have a feeling you’d be very good at it. I’m linking to one of her posts as an example, though she’s also a fine writer.


        esme very happy to be friends with Peter upon the Cloud

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        1. Thank you for them kind words, esme. Yep, I have thought about audio versions of my poetry. For about 1/2 of one millisecond. Your mere suggestion tells me you ain’t never heard me speak. Lucky you. Thanks all the same though, little lady.

          I’ll be a listenin’ to that littleoldladywho this evenin’, darlin’.

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