It feels like this. Doesn’t it?

By hell, it is like this.

And not just somewhere, but everywhere.

Go anywhere, and you’ll see them. Their faces downcast, with eyes transfixed as though impaled to the tiny illuminated screen they hold in front of them, mere inches away from reality. Engrossed in the trivial, suspended in the binary, irredeemably locked into the Matrix (Yes! The Matrix. It is as real as the words on this screen. Hmm).

Poor souls.

They are, the walking dead in the Brave New World of the Android (no pun intended).

Capitalism has won.

The game is done.


  1. Great video. Screen fever – the modern disease. Capitalism has indeed won, although at least Neoliberalism is nearing the end game. Sadly, Hillary will try to keep it propped up for another 8 years or so with TTIP and continued financial deregulation, but I’m convinced it’s a losing battle ultimately for her (or her successors), ultimately. Sheldon Wolin called where we’re at Inverted Totalitarianism – a fancy name for extreme corporate hegemony – and that’s the version of Capitalism that has to be fought, in my view. How? Disobedience. Satyagraha.

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    1. Screen fever. I like that, so suitable.

      I have read, at least in part, the interview between Chris Hedges and Sheldon Wolin. Inverted Totalitarianism, stuck in my mind since.

      BTW, Hedges is vegan. To help try to save the planet, he said. Not exactly the right motive, but it will do. I know, subjectivity.

      And what better comprehensive civil disobedience than veganism? Satyagraha. I like that too, but I doubt I’m pronouncing it right.

      If Hillary survives the health issues she doesn’t have for another eight years, that would be remarkable. Either way, some other Globalist will fill her shoes.

      Thanks for the comment, Hariod.

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  2. This post encourages and humbles me, it reminds me that agoraphobia is something to celebrate as one would acknowledge a great gift. Your mention too of the Matrix is quite accurate, otherwise a complete inability to break away from that death dance with the screen would be inexplicable. Reality TV is watched by real people, and some of that watching is done on the small screen. Enroute.
    We live a couple of miles away from a mega-Kroger that is itself a couple of miles away from Kroger Headquarters. So it is a laboratory for the corporation and a lab for me. Actually I’ve already written an account of observations and it’s available at

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    1. Agoraphobia, like fear itself, is a natural reaction of our survivability instincts. I think.

      As to the Matrix, I wonder how real is real? I could easily lose myself in the transcendental here.

      Thanks for the comment and the link, Bill.


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      1. And thank you for each insight. It helps to have a gathering around the Crows Head and Vegan Anarchist to channel the absurdity via the writing process. We are now on the cusp of a series of “holidays” crafted with advertising promotion in mind. Each of the three Kroger markets in our neck of the woods has an aisle at one entrance devoted to monstrously large Halloween crap displays.
        Peace too to your neck of woods 🙂

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  3. I follow Roger Waters for his activism as well. Just checked out the Wikipedia article and discovered that Waters’ father died between Anzio and Rome in 1944. My father was a clerk typing up a great many orders for soldiers dispatched to the Pacific.
    And yes, amazing lyrics indeed.

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    1. Thanks for sharing that, Bill. My father, as my name suggest, was German and in Germany during the war. He was too young to serve as a soldier, but at 13 they took him and some other children and had them dig foxholes, among other laborious tasks. Some boys ran off once, as he told it, were captured, and shot. As an example for the others who might have contemplated desertion. It wasn’t until his waning years that he shared any of his childhood memories from Nazi Germany with us. I believe his experience had a strong impact on his decision to emigrate to America when I was two. He always told me America was the greatest country to live in. Viewpoint is everything.

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  4. I love this film, I have watched it lots of times, it says it all doesn’t it?? I just feel like that character most of the time.
    I love Steve Cutts, he is an amazing artist, have you seen the one called ‘Man’? It’s brilliant…

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