A mostly humorous and entertaining post, yet light-heartedly sad in its underlying theme of death is her short “Tale of war — on helpless vegetables!” by Martha Stephens, who I’ve had the privilege of meeting through WordPress. A beautiful “malcontented” lady and author of “Me and the Grandmas of Baghdad, a Memoir by Martha Stephens.” Thank you, Martha, for sharing a Saturday morning smile.


Readers, you know me as a malcontented person who posts mostly on war and peace;  but I hope you will see that this, too, is a tale of war — on helpless vegetables!  — M. S.

        “Martha! We’re dying!” cried the peppers today.
       “Are we Martha?” said the tomatoes in one chorus, hoarsely. “Tell us please!”
       “My darlings . . . yes-s,” I began. I could hardly speak, but I had given life to these friends and knew I must stay the course with them.
       “Yes, my pretty ones, I cannot but say that tonight the cold will come, and in the morning you will not wake.”
      Sad murmurs along the rows. I steeled myself to go on. I felt they wanted to know everything.
      “Tonight, my darlings, your limbs will begin to droop rather…

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  1. I had followed Martha Stephen’s groundbreaking achievements for decades before actually meeting her. We had likely crossed paths at the University of Cincinnati in the late 60’s. The good fortune of geography has permitted me to join her fervor at local events, she is a charming friend and beautiful soul.
    Well it is my joy to tell you that “The First Frost Comes to the Garden” is nestled in Martha’s Me and the Grandmas of Baghdad.

    If you have enjoyed reading about that garden frost please know that Me And The Grandmas weaves that garden into a panoply of memories that joins each of us on this singular planet. Yes, the garden is real too and available to you.
    Lisa and I have an autographed copy 🙂

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