Loving mother and calf. Source Mercy for Animals http://www.mercyforanimals.org/
Loving Mother and Calf

Why I Write

I write for change.

I write to free the slaves.

I write to expose the criminals.

I write to protect the innocent.

I write to denounce the guilty.

I write to reveal cruelty.

I write for the voiceless.

I write for freedom.

I write for peace.

I write as though all the world is reading.

As if, all the world cared.


    1. Thank you, Hariod. For many years I fought the urge to write. Then, some decades ago, I played around with it a bit. But still, I managed to kick the habit. And for some time too. Until a few years back. But now, like a junkie, I can’t resist the intoxicating effects of expression, good, bad, or indifferent; the far removed possibility that I might change the world for the better no matter how slight. It is a drug, this writing.

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        1. Oh. It did take this slow-of-wit a bit. But yes. However, at first I thought, what, I’m wasting my time with the imperceptible (no offense taken). But that fell incongruous with the Hariod I know.

          Point taken.

          Thank you, Sir.

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  1. What a great post – why do we write? Regardless of who each of us, is I think we all have a voice and we all write for the right reasons – if there is such a thing. I like that you write because you inform and expand perpsectives. Stay the course, Harlon

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  2. You must keep writing.Your words do make a difference.
    It’s all we have isn’t it and like you say it is almost impossible to not do it. Most days the first thing I think about on waking is animals and writing, in some way.
    Love your passion and commitment.Never stop.

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