Boy feeding animals
Childish Wonder

The Heartbeat

Things change, in time–
Our lives.
Our reasons, our seasons.
Our friends and our pretends.
But our Heartbeat,
The Rhythm of Compassion,
coursing through our veins,
that Vibrant Vibration
of Empathy
a child brings to the world
remains the same.
One either has this,
or not.

As the world demonstrates time and again, I don’t believe compassion is acquired or learned; as its rivals indifference and heartlessness seems so easily won.

Compassion, therefore, must be the spirit a child born to, or they are not. While a child may lose their way in the course of indoctrination, the Heartbeat of Compassion remains with them, robust, though sequestered.


  1. I’ve sometimes been astounded at how compassionate one of my very young granddaughters is. It wasn’t simply her appreciation of another’s suffering or distress, but came accompanied by a high degree of willingness on her part to ameliorate that distress. No one taught her that. Even in her pre-school playgroups she was known as the class comforter. 🙂

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      1. From a Buddhist perspective, and certainly as detailed in orthodox (Theravadin) Buddhism, then compassion can be cultivated. Compassion –Upekkha– is considered one of just four sublime states –brahmavihara– which can be developed in formal meditation practices. But I think your theory still holds good to this, Peter, as I suspect we’re really ‘bringing out’ that quality in ourselves, rather than, sort of, ‘ladling it in’ as if from an outside source. The related trait of empathy is now accepted as an innate quality of all we Great Apes; so with compassion we’re only taking an innately given (i.e. natural) capacity and acting upon it in wanting to alleviate the other’s suffering. 🙂

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        1. I do like hearing the Buddhist perspective, Hariod. The Buddhist path is an esteemed way of life. Although no one can accuse me of being a Buddhist, I take from it what I will, and like to think I’m the better for it. Too, I believe that many other earthlings have demonstrated the capacity for empathy.

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  2. I haven’t tried the experiment myself, but I like the idea of asking someone to point to themselves and see if they point to their heart. I’ve heard they do. Have you heard of this little exercise? I would point to my heart. But I am intrigued by the whole chakra thing too. Music and rhythm can accompany compassion, I also think about military march music can rouse soldiers into something deliberately far from compassion. Just my three cents.

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  3. I’ve often wondered about this. Why some can be so caring and others not so and all the degrees in between. I do think it is there at the start. It can maybe be encouraged but never felt with the same natural intensity that is there from the first and always. If it is there, has always been, just is, then nothing can stop it.

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      1. It is a difficult one and complex, it has always interested me, just after this I listened to a talk with a Dr Graham Downing, talking about how he believes they are targeting babies even before they are born, getting women to have flu vaccines, which of course passes into the baby, then along with the children’s paracetamol that is so freely given, and ever increasing vaccines, all this when they are still developing, and he said it actually affected developing pathways in the brain and he specifically mentioned the areas concerned with empathy and how he belived it was deliberate, as they forge their way into transhumanism, believing humans as they are presently, to be a ‘bad copy’, like a computer programme, they want to design and create a ‘better’ one, making people more and more de-humanised. It was quite stunning that a doctor would come out with this, but he was very keyed in to what the ‘agenda’ was and sees it happening. It was very brave I thought, in his position, but he was so interesting and so knowledgeable.

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