The Animals
Image credit: Unknown. But whoever the artist, they did a mighty fine job. Kudos.

Us and Them, Let’s See

Who hasn’t heard numerous times before that, “You can’t compare humans to animals. That’s ridiculous.”

For example, you can’t compare the Jewish Holocaust with the animal holocaust or black slavery to the slavery of animals. Or, simply human suffering to animal suffering.

I agree, it’s preposterous.

It’s belittling.

No valid comparison can a rational person conjure.

What demented reasoning defies logic to suggest an identity between the two? Ha!

Double Ha!

What possible presentation could infer equality? Only, lunacy.

Who contests we have no equal? Who dare?

What animal, ever, in its existence, possessed the indispensable disposition to initiated a war. None! Damn you, I say, none.

What animal able of producing massive amounts of disposables to overload the landfills and fill the mighty oceans? Yes, only us, and us alone!

What animal ever invented machinery able to pollute the air, water, and land with such ease and indifference? The mere utterance, asinine.

What animal capable of creating genetically modified organisms, medicines, chemicals, and poisons able to sicken and disease every living organism? Oh phew!

What animal maliciously harms another? Rape? Murder? Steal? Lie? Cheat? Grab a pussy?

What other being commands such convoluted communication skills as to sow ambiguity and dubiety into every syllable? Bark, bark. Meow, meow. Moo, moo. Really?

What animal ever watched Jerry Springer?

What animal willingly surrenders their freedom to empower an Authoritarian Overlord? A government they bow to? And then willingly pays this Determining Absolute the fruit of their labors? Come-on.

What animal creates imaginary Gods to give license to injustice? Damn you; they have no such imaginings. Thank God.

Now, who fancies any animal even remotely capable of such atrocities as the Holocaust, or that of black slavery, or the genocide of whole native populations, or the extinctions of entire species, or animal agriculture? None!

How dare any dunderhead compare us to the animals. Idiots.


  1. Excellent sir, as per usual. Sharing.
    Loyalty to one’s own kind produces dangerous precedents: men opposing sexism=traitors to all men. Christian religious tolerance=traitors to all christians…etc.

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  2. Makes me sick. Really sick. I’m fighting on all fronts again. And no one can compare any of the thing you mentioned because they don’t even come close to what animals suffer and no one can seem to END THE WAR AGAINST THEM! EVER, so NO we can’t compare what happens to us because it doesn’t come close. Another great post Peter. ❤ I hope your duck is doing well. You too.

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    1. She’s doing well. Really well. And boy does she carry on with the quacking now. She was always subservient to Wacky, quiet, but now she’s feeling her autonomy. Walk outside, and it’s a quack-fest of jubilation. You’d get a laugh from her. I should make a video.

      Thank you, Gigi.


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  3. So true. Humans are lost, truly. Have allowed such monsters to claim all the power and turn it against everything and everyone. I include animals in that, because they are someones, however much the majority try to ignore it. We all know the basic truths and yet allow the manipulation and destruction to go on and on, spiralling ever further out of control.
    Great post.

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