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I have a God; Her name is Freedom
She has children
Whose names are Vegan
Born to a Savage Planet
Bring sanity to a ruthless world
Mistake not their compassion for weakness
They are strong, courageous
With purpose
Fire kindles their Hearts
They are Vegan
They have a God; Her name is Freedom


    1. That’s a valid concern, isn’t it? Especially with the power of peer and social pressure so persuasive in today’s culture. I understand completely. I have three children, now all adults. One is vegan, the girl, and thankfully her husband is too. The two boys, however, I believe, see veganism as an opponent to their manhood.

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  1. Powerful, I like that. Too often people see it as something weak, or even attention-seeking, I don’t know why. I get taken the piss out of, as if it’s a kind of silly ‘fad’ I have because I’m so ‘soft’ about animals. But I get annoyed that people get annoyed about you still ‘banging on’ about it, like at some point I’m going to stop!!??- they can’t seem to grasp how much it matters.

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    1. I don’t get that kind of attitude anymore (possibly because I look fiercer than I used to), but used to and it absolutely made my blood boil. I have some kind of fury within when it comes to veganism and it consumes me to the point I find myself almost apoplectic (but doing all I can to conceal it) when people ask clear provoking questions or imply it isn’t a serious subject. It matters more than any religion because veganism is based on facts, not faith (though I do have faith in us points at Peter and the others who are with us), yet time after time I see food being carefully altered at eating establishments for religious folks to suit their wants, and bugger all for vegans who have a stronger basis for their wishes. I was in hospital once and the vegan meals ordered for me kept being given out to meat eaters or vegetarians before they got to me because the others had seen the plates and asked to swap. More than once I ended up with plain cous cous and what I could get brought in for me by friends and family. And that’s in hospital! The religious people did not have this issue I noted. Friends suggested I write my religion down as Buddhist, but I’m not and I shouldn’t have to. Instead I lobbied the complaints service and sent in sample recipies too. I still dread ending up back there mind you, but maybe things have improved there much as they have in the shops.
      Long jibber there.
      Thank you for the words above Peter too.

      esme upon the Cloud


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