I don’t understand this world or its people who claim intelligence. Who pretend superiority over Nature and her creatures.

They know nothing.

They are nothing beyond a difficult species who thrive off violence to themselves, to the earthlings, to the planet.

Such an arrogant, selfish lot of myrmidons whose ignorance baffles me to no end. Superstitious and gullible and hateful, all while pretending to Godliness; who fancy themselves a heavenly reward beyond this life, simply for their act of obedience to the God they’ve contrived, which forgives them their crimes of murder and theft.

What manner of insanity drives these people, I fail to comprehend.

When they take an earthling’s life for food, or to wear their skin, or to let their captivity entertain them, then they take something that never belonged to them.

Their thievery is a horrid sort. With ramifications impossible to gauge but obvious to those possessed with the will to see.


  1. What great words once again!! I come to your posts and always get a lift because you express exactly how I feel and it is just so obvious to me and yet no-one gets it and I bang my head on the wall. The frustration and anger kills me and Christmas is just unbelievable, you can’t get away from it. I just don’t get people either, I just feel like I’m in the wrong place, there’s been some mistake. I don’t know, it taints everything doesn’t it because it is part of everything, all the time, it’s a vicious circle and just keeps on going…….

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    1. As if we are sentenced for some crime erased from our memory, so out of place we are. No. It is the zombies, mindless flesh-eaters, who are supplanted from hell. That would be the consensus among the animals, I think.

      Thanks for commenting!

      Peace, strength, courage


  2. I solidly agree with everyone who is likewise repelled, repulsed (if also reviled by the rabidly anti-vegan). I find myself somewhere along the spectrum between LOL and WTF. Grateful to join every one on the side of truth and beauty.
    And, on the more positive side — sitting around the Crows Head Soup cauldron is always a grand place to join hands all around 🙂

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