The River Nigh
The River Nigh


It is a bizarre certainty wherein a self-professing evolved species feasts on the flesh of their fellow sentients.


“Where do they go when they sleep?” Asked the Providence.
“To the Binds,” Replied the Ebb of Night.
“What is there, in the Binds?” He quizzed her.
“Realities unbound by conventions,” she told him. “Where the laws of physics and tyrants carry no sway.”


Blood flows the Crimson through the River Nigh
Where frightened eyes beg, woeful Gods deny
Where steely knives bargain with fleshly hue
Grieving lives bleed sorrow come Crimson due


If I were to adopt the artful craft of war and destruction, or to dawn the fabulous fashions of coercion and brutality, or to sharpen the edge of cruelty and savagery, then who among you can deny the purity of my humanity? Speak now.


How can I stand with any in their struggle for social justice and human rights when they of such limited vision and grand self-concern ignore the suffering of world’s most “insignificant”? If they cannot take a stand for animal rights, the world’s most vulnerable, then their concerns are the least concerns of mine no matter the ramifications, for they are themselves, despite a magnanimous pretension, a vein feeding the hand of Tyranny.


Can happiness exist amid sorrow,
satisfaction aside misery,
laughter among tears?
To the unaware, yes.

HAIKU 666 – 1

When truth seeks sorrow
Those who speak they’d rather kill
Lies birth wretched Gods


Wails, wailing like presaging banshees banished from Hell,
bail grotesque from Butchertown.
Where no one cares, no ear hears.
No one laments the bargain-valued flesh cut from Butchertown.


If I could, I would fly away
to a cloudland hideaway
Sail a breeze on a swell
Float in solitude there dwell
Far away I’d fly away
and tell below to, “Go to hell.”


    1. I’m well, Hariod. And you?

      Now you say there’s been an escalation in political madness? Pray tell, Hariod, how does one notice beyond the changing of the tyrants? A mere flipside of the same coin, I believe. Something to amuse the masses.

      Thank you, sir, for stopping by.

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  1. Likewise, good thanks Peter. Rather preoccupied with world events, I must say, but perhaps here isn’t the place to go into it in any detail. Briefly though, and in a bid to respond to your question as to how one notices “the changing of the tyrants”, as you put it, then that would seem to depend on one’s status within American society — one’s colour, cultural heritage, religion, sexual orientation, etc. — and the extent to which one monitors progressive values and civil and animal rights, along with their erosion. Fall outside of this administration’s ‘normative’ in respect to one’s views or position in regard to those things and the shift is likely apparent already. I’m afraid the same kind of Far Right agenda is manifesting across Europe too, as I’m sure you’re well aware. It’s not looking at all good, better to say it’s looking far worse than it already was.

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  2. Peter, do not think that your posts are in vain, as I have shared them with my cousin and others and I must tell you that thus far, six people are refusing to eat animals, my cousin included. I have you to thank for this.

    P.S. I love this post!

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      1. Peter, it is I who thank you and you probably remember when I first came back to Baltimore and posted those pictures of him eating at Lexington Market, well, that’s the cousin that has sworn off eating meat and here I thought miracles didn’t happen. Believe me, if he can give up meat, anyone can.

        Thanks Peter!

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  3. “If I could, I would fly away
    to a cloudland hideaway” – When the Cloud finally takes off for brighter skies in another dimension, your place aboard is booked Peter, I promise you. x

    esme smiling whilst enjoying his words and looking forward to the book of Peter!

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  4. I liked how well the 9 separate perspectives work together on that theme of lamentation. My calculation places the daily carnage at 900,000,000 sentient beings “processed” so far this year. I did a right-click on the blood-red Niagara and discovered LOUIS RÉMY MIGNOT (1831–1870). Here is the somewhat more vegan-green painting: Niagara:$File/Louis-Remy-Mignot-Niagara.JPG

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