The anarchist worth their salt must, by virtue of justice, be vegan.


The environmentalist worthy their goal must, by necessity, be vegan.


Few know the melancholy, the utter sorrow seething from deep within the souls of compassion, seeing our comrades, their noses pressed hard against the slats for their last and final breath of fresh air, crammed into a hauler on the Road to Slaughter.


Is it tolerance or is it surrender?
Is it acceptance or is it cowardice?
Is it bravery or is it bravado?
Is it wisdom or is it vanity?
That you serve.


The Empire is the Guardian of Death, unremorseful and empowered by its constituency. But let one man kill another, no matter how just, then the Nation will punish him, malign him, and parade him as an aberration to justice, a base murderer, and its society will reproach him as infamy follows him beyond the grave.


To those who pay attention, humanity is horrid.


As you breathe, millions of earthlings suffer in unimaginably hideous ways and all by the conceit of our species. Do not for one moment think all is well or improving lest you be lulled into complacency.


The evolution of broader perspective is stymied by obsolescence: God, government, culture, tradition, ritual, and petty, selfish, gluttonous concerns. These, the albatrosses of humanity weigh irrevocable on the backs of Liberty and Justice.


Explaining veganism to a dreg is like explaining the universe to a fish in the ocean. Where dregs swim happily unaware in their Sea of Illusions, where waves of frivolous distractions crash upon the shores of Fragile Morality.


My allegiance is to no religious or political sway. Only to liberty and her innocent do I pledge my loyalty, my life. For I exist as free as any man can who lives under the oppression of Authority. My mind is unruled by the whims of man, his Government of Destruction, and his God of Misery.


Some fear death.
But it is this life that corrals my trepidations.
Death then holds my liberty.


  1. The machinery grinds “resources” into appropriate hoppers for further stages of production that require workers’ willingness to press each shoulder to each wheel. That is indeed the environment that encapsulates each party to the horror, the insatiable appetite for more “resources”, more uses for each molecule that commands a ready market. A world outside that ocean is undefinable.
    Evolved predators as well as prey in the other-than-human sphere of influence live and die at the very edge of survival. Both predator and prey are hopelessly entrapped in the indifferent world of commerce by a species so cunningly successful that their own numbers increase by the billion as wild species are driven to extinction and “domesticated” species are bred for extermination camps — the demands of the most insatiable homo sapiens require that the slaughter houses produce enough turnover in daily carcass units to make them economically viable processing centers.

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  2. Thank you for writing this… it eloquently expresses my own thoughts and feelings. It is so hard living amongst the “dregs”… knowing what they do to the innocent creatures I Love So Much… and I can’t help them…

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  3. Wow, this is powerful and I love it, it is all so true, just how I feel.
    It is hard when you see and feel so intensely what others can never understand and whatever you say they are just too closed down to begin to grasp it.
    To know the truth about animals and see every minute of every day the ‘ignorant’ allowing and embracing this injustice without a care or a thought, it’s tough.

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