All your life, you’ve been lied to, manipulated, influenced, persuaded, baited, and cajoled to do things you would never have done, to believe things you would never have considered had they left you to your will.

And the worst part, you never had a clue.

That’s how Authority’s mind controlling venoms work, keeping you unaware and assured that you’re free to decide and act on your own while managing your every thought.

The antidote to these governing toxins resides in your willingness to see the freedom entitled every Earthling. Liberty lay just beyond the Veil of Illusions.

Kenmore and Craftsman, pictured above, nicknamed Yoda and Buddy-L. rescued  June 2016, by my son-in-law, Ricky Asmus, from a K-Mart dumpster. Innocent Earthlings discarded as trash by a dreg.

Their eyes closed and their umbilical cords dangled, newborns in a world short on compassion, yet miraculously finding a hero in the Seas of Cruelty.

They are now the equivalent of teenagers, a few months older than the picture; rambunctious, happy and healthy residing with us in our country home.


  1. I am absolutely in shock because I thought that since dogs and cats were considered, great pets that they at least were somewhat beyond getting mistreated, for the most part and yet, I read this. How we can call ourselves ‘human’, I will never know.

    So, if we can treat cats and dogs like this and they are represented as cute, little wonderful ‘indoor’ pets, then has no one thought of how callous and cavalier we are towards those animals that end up on dinner plates? Oh yeah! It’s that ‘manipulated’ thing, but you know, at some point, we should wake up and think for ourselves. Would I want anyone to turn cannibalistic and eat me? So then, why am I eating what had a beating heart? Would I mind if what was consuming me were to state while doing so, just how succulent and tender was MY flesh? Uh…no! I would most definitely not appreciate it.

    Thanks for another wonderful, insightful and thought-provoking post Peter. You never fail to stir me!

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    1. By and large, there’s no respect for anything human, animal, planet by more than just a hand full of us. And I fear we’re losing. Thank you, Shelby, for the comment, for speaking out, for being brave and dauntless against the oppressors.

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  2. Wonderfully expressed!! It seems so obvious, but sadly so many won’t even begin to question the basic truths that are everywhere, for everyone to see, they make it so easy; the more ‘they’ can close people down, the easier it is to control and dominate, all the while people believing themselves to be free. Infuriating and soul-destroying, what can you do but keep trying to keep on anyway???
    Beautiful, beautiful cats. So lucky they were found and now have such a loving home, they don’t know how lucky they are. The rage at people who treat animals as inanimate objects never stops and it just seems to never get any better does it?? The horror stories just go on and on and on…….

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      1. That is very moving, I think it really does make a difference how those real early years unfold. They all have their own personalties; as I’ve said before, Sylvia obviously has deep down damage from whatever happened to her, that she cannot get past, she is sensitive, tempramental and moody but also touchingly loving at times, at her own time and choice, whereas Poe, who has always been a stray/street cat is wary but a lot more accepting and just a big softie deep down.

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