Forbidden Fruit - Sinners
The Expulsion from the Garden of Consensus (Forbidden Fruit, Public Domain, via


We were the sinners

the freethinkers

Perhaps we never changed a thing

But still, we did what we did because we knew it was right

the only thing to do

Unlike all the others

we had no second way

No options

No birthright to stay

Right would find us in the gulag if they found us out

But still, we had to do it

We had to think for ourselves

And everything our thoughts provoked

we either did

or regretted not doing


  1. The great disjunction between ethical thinking and one’s actions, eh? All one can do is attempt to close the gap. I’ve been a vegetarian for almost 40 years, but never a vegan; so there’s the extent of my gap. I was saying to Bill Ziegler the other day how hypocrisy seems part of the human condition. Only the hypocrite would deny as much. Blessings on the day, noble friend!

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    1. That’s an impressive record, Hariod. Better than mine and most others.

      Now I have to be careful how I frame my next statement, not to appear judgemental, I’m not. Not in this case. Our acquaintance is my honor, and you’ve helped shape my life, as friends do. But, perhaps it’s time to take that next step, eh?

      I agree hypocrisy is a part of our condition as human. It was you that pointed out that bit of wisdom to me. And, I’ve pondered it ever since.


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      1. “But, perhaps it’s time to take that next step, eh?” — that’s kind of my point, in that I know very well it is, and have done so for years. I drink cow’s milk on muesli and in coffee in the morning. No cheese, well, hardly ever. But there’s a gap in my determination to live harmlessly, and the fact that I willfully cause harm.

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  2. Very true. You just know when something is right and even if it it’s hard or makes you the enemy or the threat or just plain unpopular, you still have to do it, be it, because otherwise you just coudn’t live with yourself. Although many others seem to do so quite easily.

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