Picture courtesy: Dig Out Your Soul

People ask, what I do,
alluding to employment
as if a career could define me
(or…resign me?)
I tell them, I am vegan
Vegan is what I do
All else is backdrop,
the occupation
of trivial pursuits

So, when they boast
of bacon, ham, or roast

I have only this for them, Fuck Off!
Most sincerely.


  1. Ha ha! Succinct as needs be there Peter and well put. The ‘do’ being a part of our life more akin to breathing than to the choice of where to place a pen or operate a machine. Animal’s lives are far beyond such inanities on a scale of import.

    Esme agreeing heartily with him and adding a couple of choice finger gestures to his parting shot upon the Cloud

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    1. Defined by the drudgery of their 9 to 5, or of their fascination with the representations of war, sports; these, the dregs. But the virtuous, the vegan, is defined by broader perspectives and noble aspirations.

      Thank you for your comment, esme. And, of course, the volley of parting finger gestures fired at those of sordid characters.

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  2. No ‘animal’ has ever mistreated me. No ‘animal’ has ever called me out of my name, imprisoned me, put shackles on me, hit me and hated me. Only so-called ‘humans’ have. I find that to be quite telling and so I say, “Of humans, there ain’t a goddamn trace!” ‘Animals’ are more ‘humane’ than ‘people’ ever will be. And if I were to be given a choice of who I’d like saved on this planet between ‘animals’ and people, guess who would lose, hands down? Yeah! It would most definitely be “Fuck off, ‘people’!”

    Thank you Peter! Another direct hit!

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    1. Thank you, Shelby. Yep, hands down, me too. Except for a few individuals, humanity is overwhelmingly backstabbing, lying, cheating, murderous, selfish, dirtbag scum balls. And to back up my accusation, I present humanity and all the shit they brought on themselves uninterrupted throughout the eons. Sigh.

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  3. Thanks much for this unyielding stance, Peter — a very well delivered stance.
    Filthy lucre derived from enslavement, torture and certain death? What does the tortured future hold for pork-belly tortures, er … futures?
    “What do you do?” is a question that demands a stock, jerk-of-the-knee answer. It’s curious that the word “stock” immediately struck me as soon as I typed those five letters. How big is your stockyard? How marketable are the contents of your cold-storage locker? — how many meatables could your inventory produce? How are your stocks performing?
    How do you bring home the bacon?

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  4. Great words again. People still like to define everyone by these arbitrary classifications: job/career, ownership/wealth, religion, etc., all the things that have caused such enslavement and horrors in the world and if you think and live differently and define yourself by different meanings, they just don’t get it, their paltry consciousness cannot begin to understand that someone can live by other ways of interacting with the world, can care about other things than all the shite pushed in our faces; they love to divide and conquer and most fall for it, complying with this mad world of hierarchical controls, enforcement and enslavement, that causes such devastation and suffering. Me, I’m out.

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    1. Thank you, outsidersinsides. You’ve nailed. Their fixation on the consensus; a straight, unwavering path, never deviating from the tradition they’re led to follow. You might refer to the link above that I posted in reply to Bill, the subtitled, Is Fundamental Change Possible?

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