Cosmic Winter Wonderland
Cosmic “Winter” Wonderland — NASA


No awakening, no struggle for social justice nor fight for civil rights, no undermining of authority, is ever complete that ignores the plights of the most vulnerable, the animals. The right of self-determination for all earthlings. The respect of life and liberty for all sentients is the doom of all war and oppression, the gateway to meaningful peace. Until then, we gather what we sow. And nothing more.


  1. EXACTLY! All animals have just as much right as any human to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. So many people fight for their right to be free from exploitation, while simultaneously taking freedom from animals and exploiting them. They are hypocrites. Stop exploiting animals, then you can legitamately fight for your own freedom from exploitation.

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  2. Yes, I don’t think anyone has truly understood the true meaning of equal rights or human rights if they do not fight for animal rights as well. We cannot evolve from the barbarism that prevails without starting, in effect at home, in our everyday lives, through what we eat, and how we educate ourselves — learn and understand true kindness.

    Esme waving at Peter upon the Cloud

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  3. Exactly!! You read my mind again, the first time I read this, I had been trying to explain to someone the importance of this, how angry I get at all these groups, movements, ‘whatevers’, for or against this or that, but they never include animals, they never talk about animals, even mention them, they just disregard the most abused, enslaved, oppressed ‘group’ of all, and how until this is looked at and changed, nothing will ever change; it is all connected, it is the reason for the way things are and people have to see the connection. He wasn’t totally convinced, like so many, that kind of ‘yeah, but..’ attitude, that ‘when we’ve sorted this out….’, ‘yeah, you’re right, it’s wrong, but…..’ always that great big ‘but’; as if the animals can just wait, as if they can be sorted once the rest of people’s problems are sorted. Scream!!!! Frustrated much???????????????

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    1. Exactly, it’s the ‘it’s all about me’ mentality. And the ‘yeah, but… I really like ham sandwiches and milkshakes at any cost’ attitude. An inability and/or unwillingness to see or care beyond self-concerns. Torques my ass, too. The bastards.

      Thanks for commenting.

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