As for the sham of Obamacare or any other overburdening bullshit concocted inside the Beltway.

This is important: It’s not health care, got it? It’s sick care, worded to deceive. There’s a difference, a big-dick oceanic difference that’s rammed right up your ass. Veganism is health care. Obamacare and anything to follow is sick care created to enrich the medical, pharmaceutical, and research cartels and every bloodsucker that clings to these cocksuckers. Such as animal agriculture. There are others.

The reason rates are not affordable in the swindle of the Affordable Care Act, is because of all you fucking meat and dairy-eaters depend on “health care.” Understand? You’re making yourselves sick as hell, and everyone has to pay for your recovery. That’s right, heart disease and cancer, number one causes of death.[1] And how much due to diet? Maybe you don’t want to know.

There’s nothing the “Health Care” conglomerate, and its psychotic affiliates and political stooges like better than to mandate everyone in America under their care and addicted to drugs. Then what? Mandatory vaccinations? Anti-depressants? That’s just the start. This cabal of drug-dealing quacks (endorsed by the FDA) kills nearly a quarter of a million people a year and walks scot-free. That’s right; doctors are the third leading cause of death in the USA.[2] Let that boner gnaw in your craw next time you’re at the Doc.



  1. Absolutely true. I know people who have been ‘forced’ into giving up dairy and meat by their doctors because their medical conditions are being made so much worse by eating animals, and they still moan and gripe despite feeling much better for it. They won’t see past their own selfish wants even when it actively benefits them on a day to day basis. The mind boggles. If I hadn’t happened to choose to be a vegan twenty years ago my consultant says I’d be dead. I wasn’t digesting meat properly, yet no-one medical said to stop. I did it off my own back and within a week was feeling better. Not absolutely better by any means, but by gum I know now the difference long-term it has made.

    And that’s just health, not giving an actual shit about the lives lost and the cruelty. I don’t care why they stop, I just want them to STOP, if they won’t do it for the animals, and they can’t even do it for themselves to live longer and healthier lives one wonders how much in the way of smarts they have in that grey matter of theirs. Matter that could matter were it to take the blinkers off and see.

    Esme agreeing wih Peter upon the Cloud

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      1. Hello Peter, I bide well enough, better than before in fact, though spend too much time being dragged away by the sandman to the land of Nod. That’s why you’ve seen no Clouds, we’re all sleeping hahahaha.

        How about you? How are things at your end sir?

        Esme waving happily at Peter upon the Cloud

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    1. Hi esme, thank you so very kindly for your reply 🙂 It is a gentle blessing to receive confirmation from a fellow chronic sufferer on the extraordinary value of a vegan diet when things aft a-gley gang. Crohn’s is where my set of inherited genes did that a-gley thing. My doctors fêted fetid cow flesh as a regimen for any hope of better days. I had one surgeon (a semi-reformed Nazi) tell me that I had brought it on myself by worrying too much. Stop worrying, eat more cows and toss down multiple pharmaceuticals, Bill.
      Scurrying down the vegetarian path brought no relief, but I didn’t know that at the time, not to mention having a couple kids to raise on my own — that’s all spilt milk, broken eggs and fetid cheese now. See Epictetus (65 C.E.) for more on “the things you cannot change.”
      The only thing you need to know — and you only need that one thing — VEGAN. Are you listening, choir?
      So to quote your very words, esme, “I did it off my own back and within a week was feeling better. Not absolutely better by any means, but by gum I know now the difference long-term it has made.”

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      1. I like being quoted, it makes me feel like Dorothy Parker. – looks pleased. I’m even happier if it’s a quote connecting to veganism mind. So thank you Bill. We share the same values and it would seem the same malaise too, I also felt twice as well after eschewing dairy. Should you ever wish to compare notes, or medications feel free to email me, the address is on the Cloud’s main page – smiles.

        Esme shaking Bill’s hand and waving upon the Cloud

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  2. As usual, I heartily concur with you Peter! Spot on, again, you are!

    They’ll never learn. You can ram it down their throats until they choke on the truth and they’ll still attempt to vomit it back up just to chow down on an ‘animal’. In my opinion, the so-called ‘animals’ eaten for consumption are human and those who eat the so-called ‘animals’ are the animals themselves.

    I’ll never forget, I was at an awards dinner honoring those of us who worked part-time jobs while attending school and keeping our grade point average up and I had the misfortune to be seated at a table of vampires. There was a big piece of roast beef that was being carved per your selection; rare, medium rare or well done and on each individual’s plate, at my table, there was nothing but bloody meat and it was being consumed veraciously. I blanched, turned green and headed for the restroom. Needless to say, they all wondered what the hell was wrong with me even as I wondered just how they could call themselves ‘human’.

    Peter, in conclusion, I can only add, never give up. Keep fighting. You know they’re counting on you and the rest of us who care!

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    1. I understand. I don’t go through the meat aisles of the grocery stores lest I throw up. And I read somewhere that some steakhouse is offering a vegan selection. How the hell a vegan can eat at a steakhouse with all that smoldering flesh is far beyond me. A steakhouse ain’t no regular restaurant.

      They’re zombies, Shelby. Mindless, flesh-eaters. Bob Dylan once said, “Go coast to coast, and you will see people wearing the same clothes, thinking the same thoughts, eating the same food. Everything is processed.” And I’ll add, absorbing all the same bullshit as if it were the truth. Fucking androids.

      Thanks for the comment, Shelby. It’s good to hear from you, it’s been bit.

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      1. Peter, again, you’ve said, dare I say, “A mouthful?” I have been away seeking a new stomping ground. Baltimore is not the place for me and when I am traveling, I would rather see the sights than blog about them. I will be moving again shortly and I highly doubt that I shall continue blogging. However, I hope to check in on you guys from time to time.

        And I too, wonder how someone who is vegan can sit inside a place that is serving so-called ‘tasty dishes of animal flesh’. I can’t do it, nor have I seen a ‘meat’ department in I don’t know how many years and I intend to keep it that way!

        Stay strong, my friend! Always!

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      2. Well this is the tricky part., because I DO eat in those places. You see round these parts there’s been a huge change in the amount of vegan food offered, a huge increase in fact, and almost all of that change has come from vegans going to places that serve meat and asking if they have any vegan dishes available, and when they say “No, sorry” we walk away and take our custom with us. I’ve been doing this with a friend for years and years now. Recently I managed a carvery twice by sitting as far from the gore filled part as possible and indeed a large group of us vegans here have done the same because said carvery started serving some vegan dishes and we wanted them to succeed and add to the variety. Money will always win – they don’t give a shit about where it comes from or what it’s for, if the pubs can sell more vegan food than meat, they will swap, and much to my amazement I’ve seen places go completely vegan this way. So I will battle through my own disgust to forge a path where other can’t go for vomiting, but I understand all too well why some vegans just can’t do it. One of my favourite eateries went vegan after being inundated this way quite recently and I’m proud to have had a hand in converting their wallets to veganism, if not their hearts or minds.

        Esme waving with a peg on her nose upon the Cloud

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        1. Esme, your strategy is effective and well warranted, and I agree with the method. However, until the maker of Louisville Vegan Jerky, opened a vegan restaurant in Louisville, I didn’t eat out more than three or four times a year if that. I’m married to an exceptional vegan cook. If I were on my own, I would, of course, starve, being the extent of my cookery skills are limited to brewing a pot of coffee, seriously. But I do that quite well. When we do eat out, I do the same as you, I ask for a vegan option. One night, we left three unobliging restaurants in a roll. I’ve written letters to several, telling them to get with the times. And when traveling and limited to highway gas station restrooms, I’ve even stopped in McDonald’s to take a piss. But I draw the line at steakhouses. Although I’ve only been to one in my life — in a past life — it’s too much. And a lot of the problem is my resistance, I suppose. But then the overwhelming smolder of roasted flesh, and zombie arrogance is too much.

          Thanks for your comment.

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          1. Oh yes, I’m a fantastic cook too (and modest with it hahaha) and don’t eat out that often, but over the years it builds up a voice and fuels the movement. It has literally only been this very year that I’ve ever eaten any meal out that was as good as my own food, and I feed others too because I enjoy doing so. So I’m with you, and the sight of the carvery does make me feel both physically and emotionally sick. I tend to work from ‘the inside,’ generally, to be of use; it’s where my strengths lie.

            Today I’ve just returned from a wondrous Vegan fair that had tons of stalls selling great food, lots of plants and fresh veg and things like educational talks and free cd’s explaining how to grow your own food. There were a couple of talks on the subject of veganism and lots of eco and animal rights info too. It was full of people, and everyone was smiling. I can’t tell you how upbeat these mounting events make me feel. For years and years, it felt like nothing was making a difference, but I began to see the change about five years ago, and it’s snowballing over here now.

            Esme beaming a smile out to Peter upon the Cloud X

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            1. I can sense the snowballing effect here too, from a distance. When a vegan restaurant comes to Louisville, a town now known for its vegan jerky in the heart of Redneck USA; you know times are changing. But will it be enough before the collapse? Or, perhaps I’m over dramatic.

              I would just love a vegan fair. Someday, maybe.

              Thanks for your comments, esme.

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  3. Reblogged this on shelbycourtland and commented:

    As if those in congress could give a rat’s ass about the state of your health. It’s time you gave a damn! And if you did, the first thing you’d do is stop eating cows, pigs, chickens; the whole nine yards and please, tell me what a ‘hot dog’ is. And when you find out, I’ll wait until you finish throwing up to tell me just what a ‘hot dog’ is. And you’ve got the nerve to wonder why your medicine cabinet is spilling over with pill bottles. Uh…you can’t possibly with what you’re consuming.

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  4. Thorough thanks for the vivid vegan article, my great friend. Every word here inspires me/us mightily. You’ve again charged my electrons to keep on truckin’ my produce 🙂
    Mention your vegan diet to doctors and watch their knees jerk with disdain — prescriptions for B-12, protein supplements, amino acid supplements, anemia prescriptions. Sad shakes of the head, eye rolls, sighs.
    There are no monetary rewards to squeeze from plant-based diets. You can’t squeeze blood from a turnip, but you can turn tidy profits from customers (patients) suffering from head-to-toe organ collapses. Return customers keep waiting rooms full and hospital beds occupied. While in the hospital you are “nourished” with menus that feature the same dead animals that poisoned you, thus ensuring repeat business.
    Attention visitors: our hospital has a fine cafeteria with multiple meat stations — visitors become customers for “health” care. The cycle continues, ad nauseam, ad infinitum.

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    1. Arrogance in promoting sickness and disease is astonishing to the Aware. Perhaps seconded only by peoples refusal to accept the facts of their damning diets. I know we’ve been misled all our lives and for generation after generation and by the best of the best driven by a powerful motivation. But, now there’s so much available information that it’s getting harder to ignore, one would think.

      Can you imagine, if we’d been vegan all our lives, Bill? Of course, I can’t speak to the outcome, but you have to think that we would have avoided many ailments, disease, and sickness. But, they stacked the deck. As you said, “You can’t squeeze blood from a turnip, but you can turn tidy profits from customers (patients) suffering from head-to-toe organ collapses.”

      Thanks for the comments, Bill.

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      1. Thanks for the great remarks 🙂
        The 97% take miserable company with each other and take comfort in “their damning diets.” Detox is wearying, it’s painful to excrete toxins and you’re up against generations of your own family who believe that life without meat goes against everything the culture stands for.
        Indeed, the information available today gives people pause. The specter of climate change is waking people up to avoidance of catastrophe. Whatever it takes to awaken, I am for it.
        Gastroenterologists are generally meat eaters who believe that inflammatory bowel disease requires ever more meat, particularly beef, in their patients’ diets. As you suggest, Peter, the road not taken was there for the taking, but it’s amazing how bracing a vegan diet simply is!

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