So today is Christmas, the annual hypocritical. One of many repeating absurdities of tradition, culture, religion, and other self-exalting practices.

Pray tell, ye of good cheer! Hast thou ancestral honorifics bettered compassion throughout the eons of unwavering adherence?

Does’t the town-crier proclaim peace and goodwill throughout the realm?

While veganism poses the most significant revolutionary era towards peace the world has wrought, it runs ridicule in most circles in honor of habit.

The habit of brutality.

‘Tis the season of violence, like all other.

Offer thanks to thy God for the ham on thou plate this day of amity, flesh-eaters; Yes, I’m sure you will. For the ramifications of which, you are time-honored insensitive.

As to the vegans who celebrate Christmas, to you I wish the world to come.


  1. Good cheer, gratitude, and the joy of giving MUST be celebrated by the suffering and death of another. It’s the American way, Peter, celebrated in churches everywhere. It’s been vetted and approved by Christ!

    PS – Somehow, we are getting by on a vegetable feast for breakfast and no wasteful wrapping paper to toss to the curb and no significant boost to GDP. I hope we to survive.

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  2. And I to you Peter! This year I have seen more places offering vegan meals and treats than ever before, even the major newspapers have been doing articles on lovely ways to have a vegan Christmas. It warms my heart, no matter what anyone’s reasoning may be, if they turn from cruelty and slaughter in the name of selfish want to fine food and genuine cheer by living and let live, that makes for something to really celebrate at the end of a long year. Take care over there sir ❤ – Esme Cloud

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  3. “There was naught to wrap at my home,
    nor a butchered pig on plate.
    It was not my hope on Christmas Day
    to doom some poor pig’s fate.”

    Peter, I thank you for posting this. I do not celebrate this hypocritical farce; not in the way it is traditionally celebrated. I cannot wait for this day of gluttony and materialism and corporate greed to be over!

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  4. Wow. This post resonates so well — would that the town crier shouted your words full throated to the towns all around. Christmas cheer. Consign the vegans (bah-humbuggers who don’t find it festive) to the card table. Kroger marked down their largest hams, so slice it thick. Draw the knife just as deep for your second-serving slicing. Say a prayer to thank the pig for its hot hocks. Recite another prayer to praise the omniscient one that passed you dominion: over the land, on the land, in the sea.
    ‘The habit of brutality.” Indeed. An intensely bad habit that must be sated, revered not only as a very very intensely good habit but as a sacrament for all seasons: from Spam for Toddlers to Spam for Seniors, consumers of all ages through all the ages.
    Eat, reheat and repeat — To Serve Man.

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