Since their beginnings, humans have trampled upon the lives of their fellow earthlings, the animals — averring supremacy, hawking self-ingratiating doctrines as inalienable rights. Themselves, having their liberties and privacy maligned by authoritarians they whine, excessively.

Bitch, this Karma.


  1. A timely post indeed, Peter. I have been working on a draft to address the karma bitch, been at it for several days now. I’ve slept on it and read it in the morning — hoping that it reads as well as the freshly brewed Sumatra in my cup tastes. This morning it read like crap and made the coffee taste like Folger’s. So I tossed it with the other 55 drafts that have yet to pull the post together as well as The Big Lebowski’s rug did 20 years ago. Does it pass muster or cut the mustard? — to be or not to be.
    Who or what gave us inalienable dominion? The rub is there.
    So let’s see if I can make 56 drafts 55 drafts 🙂

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    1. Folger’s, eh? Well, I’ve had worse, don’t remember when though. Bill, your comments are as eloquently wit laden as your post and so I’ll tell you as a wise man told me: We are our most severe critics. Come to think of it, that was you. BTW, rank amateur that I am, I’d thrill at anything less than 5 drafts, cubed.

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      1. Thank you for the kind response, Peter. I really should let the green italicizers be my most severe critics. In fact, they may be the very ones to add spice (not pumpkin I hope) to the draft. So I sign out here and go to wake up those green italicizers and serve them some mountain-grown Folgers 🙂

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