Black vs. White

In our language and literature, as well as thoughts, we use the word black or darkness to embody evil, and white or lightness to serve good. Inherently, black and dark are neither good nor bad, as white and light are neither bad nor good. But it comes as no accident that these constructions have entered the association of two races made unnaturally and harshly at odds with one another, black and white. But who, technically, is neither black nor white but rather shades of other colors.

It serves our masters well to keep us divided, and the closer to polar extremes, such as black and white makes it all the easier. Discord and division bolster governments with the ostensible need for their protection and oversight, ensuring their unending rule, our persistent servitude, and oppression.

There is another dividing factor among earthlings, human and animal. Like its counterpart black and white it too serves the drives of discrimination by an opportunistic lust, greed, and gluttony.

Expressions like, “She’s a pig,” or, “He’s an animal,” helps embolden speciesism. Like the wicked darkness and wondrous light in ways both subliminally and deliberately encourages racism.

We’re overdue an evolution of thought. From speciesism, racism, and elitism to unbridled equality. We begin this, in fact, have begun this through veganism.

To defend the life and liberty of those least able, the animals, we by a natural extension encourage the life and liberty of our own species.

Supporting the rights and freedoms of animals doesn’t follow on the heels of human rights and freedoms, it sets the foundation.

I’ll leave you with this thought. While there exist exceptions to the rule, by nature of their sympathy, vegans aren’t racists, they aren’t xenophobic or homophobic, nor gender biased. This is for them counterintuitive, having the basis of compassion for the most vulnerable. From this base, stretches a heightened and unwavering sense of equality, fairness, and justice for all earthlings, unmatched and more beneficial than the narrow concerns of the mere humanist.


  1. ‘We’re overdue an evolution of thought’ – Absolutely, and I agree with the rest too; most vegans have taken the time to actually THINK about the world around them without shying away from the hard facts whilst sticking fingers in their ears whistling because they like the taste of something they eat. The ‘something’ = a sentient being that feels love and pain, has babies, has mates, knows happiness and fear— the latter all too well when it comes to their interaction with humans. Many vegans look into injustice large-scale and that includes all living creatures including humans, they see the big picture and how humanity stamps said picture into the ground through greed, be it monetary or physical/mental. It’s greed and selfishness. And it isn’t necessary. Which is pretty much my answer whenever I am cornered by people trying to pick away at veganism; I say they can argue their points until they’re blue in the face, it will never change the bald fact that eating animals isn’t necessary to live a healthy life, have a healthy planet and live as damn nearest as possible in contentment by employing kindness.

    Esme Cloud ❤

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    1. Thank you, Esme. It might interest you to know that while you wrote your message, I was watching Cloud Atlas, finally. We spoke of this movie some time ago when you linked the Cloud Atlas Sextet to a post. Maybe you remember. I listen to the music of it often, and as I do this moment. It is an unwitting gift from you that will last my lifetime, I’m sure.

      The movie is far out yet captivating and I came away with an indescribable sensation of, I don’t know. Something profound, however. But what timing, eh? I mean to complement your comment as there is a line in the movie spoken by Doona Bae, “Truth is singular. Its versions are mistruths.” I believe what we understand as vegans is that singular truth.

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      1. Hello Peter ❤ even stranger still – I have written the Cloud Atlas Sextet in a post in my latest piece and when you wrote this reply, you had not seen said post. That’s timing indeed! ‘It is an unwitting gift from you that will last my lifetime, I’m sure.’ – Oh no, I hoped it would stay with all who heard it forever, but it will not have done, so I’m gratified to find out it has done with you. Marvellous. I listen to it often myself, it contains so much within.

        Your chosen line from the film is a perfect summing up of vegan/non vegan rationale. I’m glad you enjoyed the film, the book goes much deeper, and is in my top five favourite books of all time.

        Esme hugging Peter upon the Cloud

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  2. Thank you for bringing specieism to the fore, Peter. The simple, direct and honest recognition of those features that sentient beings hold in common include mostly similar highly developed nervous systems: an ability to sense pain, joy and the inexplicable magic of existence, the sense of being alive, the fear of the imminence of death, its avoidance, the pursuit of happiness. It’s betrayal of the lowest kind to denigrate the “other.” You very well identify the “other” here:

    “Expressions like, “She’s a pig,” or, “He’s an animal,” helps embolden speciesism. Like the wicked darkness and wondrous light in ways both subliminally and deliberately encourages racism.” *

    Traditions become hitching posts for the darkest acts — dark acts such as speciesism, racism, exploitation, enslavement, slaughterhouses, death camps, prisons, abusive “relationships” and all the other vile actions that torture and kill for the sake of celebration. Religions that sanctify “humans” with an immortal soul denied the so-called “brutes” are evil human creations. They are ever evil. Today, at the market, I saw a consumer, a customer, a cannibal with that old and still nasty T-shirt: PETA — people eating tasty animals.

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    1. Bill, sorry I missed responding to your comment; the gray men must have visited me unaware. 🙂 I do want to thank you though. I value your expression, and your keen replies complement my posts quite nicely, as here.

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  3. Love your new picture. 🙂 My daughter said she had four crows (which means abundance) walk up her driveway and hop onto the grass today. We were so excited. She lives about a half an hour from me but all of our crows died from Bird Flu years ago. We have missed them so much. I had babies in my yard and loved watching them. I hear a couple cawing, now and then, but to see four is wonderful. Last time I was in Paris I was so happy to see all the crows. They really were everywhere. I took pictures of them and didn’t even look up at the Eiffel Tower, until I’d had my fill of their beautiful blue black feathers. It’s taking so long for them to come back. Ornithologists couldn’t stop it. Just a terrible thing. Hope you are well and happy and enjoying summer. Ours is wet and dark (wettest since the 1800’s) but it’s not winter, so I’m good with that.

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    1. Thank you, Gigi. As I’m sure you know, crows are special to me as well as turkey vultures; sad to hear the crows died there. Yes, I am well and hope that you are too. The weather here is wet also, with an expected heat wave this weekend.

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  4. How wonderfully well said!! So true, divide and conquer, keep their attention, ignoring the bigger picture, the manipulation and control. Watch this hand while we do this with the other. And the animals always lose, this connection you pointed out so rightly, is where it starts, but most people don’t get it, animals just don’t come into it, are never part of the considerations mostly. An evolution of thought, definitely what’s needed but I won’t hold my breath. Great post.

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    1. Hi outsidersinsides! Homo sapiens spend each present moment in a lifelong chain of moments, each eliciting an enthusiastic shrug of “mehs” while never recognizing their participation by proxy. Yet, every bloody bite screams complicity.

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        1. Hi outsidersinsides! Your kind words mean much to me — as much as your intense and profound advocacy for animals. I am honored and proud to participate in the fray, to gaze into the eyes of creatures far better than us, to say Namaste and not to expect a Namaste in return.


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