“It is an interesting question how far men would retain their relative rank if they were divested of their clothes.” ~Henry David Thoreau

Wisdom advises us to trust no one. Although it is an inadequate adage as distrust is not an absolute. We temper suspicions with varying degrees of trust to get on in society.

The trick is in knowing what measure of trust to offer someone, how to recognize the con. Our first impression is often a man’s attire, from which we begin our level of trust or mistrust.

Swindlers come in all manner of clothing from a mechanic’s uniform to the elevation of a suit and tie, and the finer the latter’s attire the more sophisticated and cunning the swindler. For example, politicians and lawyers, bankers and financial advisers, newsmen and insurance agents, preachers and any salesmen worth his weight in ill-gotten gain all wear a suit and tie. This is not by chance. The credibility of the suit and tie lends credence to any game no matter the level of cunning.

Divested of their clothes, many abled deceivers would lose credibility.


  1. So true!! And it’s weird, I was having a conversation about this with someone just the other day, we were saying just this about people in positions of power. But even going back to our youth, when because we looked ‘different’ we weren’t allowed in so many pubs and nightclubs, just because of how we looked, and yet it was always, always the ‘smarts’ who caused trouble.

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