“To the loyal stewards of the consensus, these vegans, anarchists, and freethinkers are a cult, an anomaly, a menace to compliance.” ~The Honorable Same


When we write of veganism, we write of anarchy, because every ethical vegan is a freethinking anarchist of sorts, whether or not they realize it. And every anarchist, as the champion of liberty, should damn well be a vegan, whether or not they are.


History, hunters, poachers, fishers, trappers, butchers, and the meat and dairy aisle patrons are the models of an orderly, well-disciplined society. Law-abiding or criminal matters not, these citizens act according to the expectations of the whole. They are the constituents of conformity, the disciples of uniformity.

Vegans are the deformity flung from the soles of lockstep, the very vassals of villainy. These nomadic ideologists possessed by the Devil’s free will are the beleaguerment of our culture, commonality, ordinariness, and dutiful acquiescence.

Like-mindedness is the stronghold of normality. Strict devotion, as well as the affinity to antiquity, defines logical civilizations with a harmonious existence carried forward. Any deviation, any act of individuality, any appearance of free expression becomes the aberration, the irregularity, the bug in the programming, a minor annoyance intolerable in its extreme.


Veganism is the abnormality, a plague. A virus infecting the solidification of the collective mind, our precious singularity of thought.

~We, The Slaves of Tradition


  1. I really like the virus metaphor, it evokes strong images: pesky vegans causing plague (not to be confused with the ‘plaque’ that narrows arteries), if not the complete collapse of civilization that vegans threaten. Go to the doctor and admit being a vegan and obtain a prescription for B12. Doctor’s recommendation: “refrain from the unhealthy practice of meat abstinence.”
    Meat is addictive stuff that keeps the corpse-processing facilities profitable.
    “History, hunters, poachers, fishers, trappers, butchers, and the meat and dairy aisle patrons are the models of an orderly, well-disciplined society.” Precisely!!

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    1. Thank you, Bill. Had I thought I could have used plague. Maybe something along the lines of the narrowing of compassion, the blockage of thought.

      Note, I responded earlier to your comment. But I must have forgotten to click the post comment button. H’m.

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      1. You’ve actually already pointed to the process: ” solidification of the collective mind, our precious singularity of thought.” And, I like the word ‘singularity’ for its various meanings 🙂
        Wordpress does a pretty good job of losing chunks of text in the comment box — usually, when you don’t have it saved elsewhere. A cat paw touching the keyboard suffices 🙂

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  2. Noticed you liked my latest post, thanks. I’m totally loving your articles here, so much that I made a new widget, “Blogs I Love” and put yours there. Looked at your Gravatar and saw your ethnicity makeup and you’re similar to mine except my Italian is on top (1/2), then the Scandinavian (1/4 Norwegian), the remaining 1/4 a hodgepodge of German/English/Scotch/Irish. Always nice to see a brainy, creative vegan creating content to bring people over to our side. May we tip the scales real soon and… take over the WORLD! 😈 (They do say we’re the work of the devil after all, haha.)

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    1. It’s always a pleasure to meet an intelligent highly evolved vegan ancestral. I find your articles skillfully created, compelling, and truthful. I look forward to reading more of your work. Thank you for the link.

      Peace, strength, and courage.


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