Why We Write

Red - Photo by George Hodan http://www.publicdomainpictures.net/browse-author.php?a=8245
Photo by George Hodan

We write because we dream.

We write to express grand concepts and share our schemes.

We write to ease the pressure of frustration, the burdens of anxiety, the strains of society.

We write because we’re happy or sad, joyful or mournful. In love or lust.

We write to protest or to kick a fuss.

We write to end wars, and we write to start fights.

We write for justice, equality, and animal rights!

We write to free our minds and thoughts, to exorcise our demons and escape the lost.

We write because we’re smitten by passion or entangled with hate.

We write because we were born to create.

We write to learn, to teach, to entertain, and sow.

We write to free the captive and capture our soul.

We write because we’re vegans and anarchists, prophets, vanguards, and visionaries; the day’s unsung heroes and heroines; witches and wizards, werewolves and vampires, the villainous strays of conformity. And any other damn thing we like to be.

And we write because… because we have to.

Because they need us to.

Image source: Hyde – Dig Out Your Soul

Free range
Grass fed
Hand raised
Whatever euphemism is used…
Meat is murder.


  1. Sometimes I wonder why I write… the evil forced upon animals by humans is so vast and so completely accepted by society that it all seems hopeless. But we write anyway… for them… the animals. What else can we do? It seems we are so powerless. I want to wave a magic wand and make everything right for animals and for Earth. Humans demand freedom to pursue happiness while taking it away from animals. Humans are monsters. There are 7 billion monsters on this planet. I have a hard time believing the animal holocaust is actually happening. It seems too epic of an evil to be anything but a nightmarish story made up in some monster’s mind. But the monsters make it real. What else can I do but write? And be vegan? And rescue a few animals from the nightmarish hell humans force them into?

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    1. We’re writing for that one lost person awaiting awakening. We fighting for every single animal saved, lost, and yet to come into existence. I agree, it seems hopeless. It is, unfortunately, unrealistic to expect any noble evolution of the self-absorbed, self-centered, selfish, and gluttonous masses; brainwashed in the ways of time, tradition, and marketing. Thank you for all you do, Spunky Bunny.

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  2. Thanks for your words, Peter and Spunky. We are voices for the voiceless, for the innocent and the defenseless. Vegans like you inspire me to keep on veganing. Thanks for not consuming animal flesh and animal-flesh byproducts, for avoiding the breast-milk “dairy” cases at your local grocer, the crates of bird ova next to the churned breast milk wrapped in petrochemical film, for not decorating your person or your home with skin evolved over millions of years for the protection of its owner, for knowing that you are not a sentient-beings owner, for skin that clots when wounded…
    and for writing about it.

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    1. Hi Martha. It is a hard picture to take. A revelation of the hard reality of humanity’s brutality, and all for the taste of flesh this animal suffered. What a merciless power the stomach wields over the weak wills of people. Thanks for stopping by.

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  3. Yes, to all of it…..because we have to, because it’s all we have, because there is power and potency in words and they can reach out to hearts and minds everywhere and anywhere. We can just keep doing it and no-one can take that a way. Not yet.

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