Images: Karl Briullov – A Dream of a Girl Before a Sunrise, via overlaid with a translucent Cosmic Winter Wonderland via


Dream, it’s an adventure.

Let’s assume the universe is infinite. After all, what could exist beyond space but more space?

Let’s further assume that the building blocks of all things in the universe — while unfathomable, have a finite means of composing themselves into form.

Then duplicates, triplicates… nay, infinities of the same myriad of life-forms and other things must exist throughout the eternity.

Other galaxies like our Milky Way — past, present, and future with planets identical to earth and its inhabitants. The abodes of our many Doppelgangers.

Now, let us succumb to the subliminal realm of slumber and dream.

The surreality of our nightly visions are fascinating, are they not? A phantasmagoric journey into the psychedelic without the need for synthetic mind-altering hallucinogenics.

But better.

These excursions are a visit to an alternate reality — as real as any as it happens. A voyage into the REM domain, a mind-bending transport shuttling us to places familiar, foreign, and exotically weird. Where we see people we’ve never met, visit with the dead, and do things we’ve never done.

I ask you, as bizarre as it sounds, could dreams contain an empyrean link to our exoplanetary doppelgangers? Our brains equipped with celestial receptor and transmitter? Are we living in our sleep what our cosmic twins are experiencing at the moment, or in their dreams?

Is the often foggy, confusing surrealism of our nightly dispatches caused by distances measured in light years, a dark matter interference? Or is it due to the disorderly, colliding, simultaneously intermingling relays of multiple doppelgangers transmitting at once? Thus explaining how we can be sipping coffee in a morning meeting only to realize we’re wearing nothing but our undergarments one second. And in the next, sailing across the desert in a flower-powered VW bus strung from a ragged rapidly deflating hot-air balloon.

Ah, dream, dreamers; it’s a wild crazy adventure!

And while you’re dreaming, dream of a kinder, gentler, cleaner planet of your own. Go vegan. It’s more than a diet. It’s the dream of compassion; for the animals, the earth, and yourself.


  1. It is infinitely more likely to be the case than the proposals offered by any religion I have come across. So elegantly constructed Peter, much like yourself. nods and blows a cruelty-free kiss his way

    Esme loving the image too upon the Cloud

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    1. Hi, Esme! It’s either this or the whole of everything is a simulated reality. Or something else of course. Who knows? Only a fool I’d say. But if it is a simulated reality, then who’s minding the simulator, eh?

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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  2. Dreams are the perfect counterbalance to waking hours, to a wake or to awake in a wiki way. Dream states explain more than nagging tick-tocks, tickle-tocks or but-tocks, in opine mine. In my dream, the Apostle Procrustes founds a Church that fits members to rules — a more accurate account of Ecclesial affairs, in opine mine. Lucidly dreaming of Theseus…

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      1. Thanks for the kind confession, Peter 🙂
        Myths flow like dreams through each sentient being that has ever inhabited the ways and whiles of this ancient planet. “The Hungry Tigress” is a “dream of compassion; for the animals, the earth, and yourself”, it confronts the meat of the matter with full force.
        It’s a joy, a valued privilege, and an adventure to visit the wandering grounds of your house and the fellow-traveler creatures that share the soup at Crows Head 🙂

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  3. Fascinating – I find all different states of consciousness fascinating. Dreams are more than dreams sometimes I think and sometimes ‘reality’ feels the more unreal. The flicker of the curtain, the real behind the show, the glitch in the system. There’s more going on than anyone knows. After all, we only perceive a tiny, tiny percent of the vibrational world. Some even less than that!!

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