A Holiday Prayer

In the spirit of this joyous time of feasting and giving, I offer this solemn appreciation, A Holiday Prayer for the Hypocrite of any Faith.

Thank you (insert your God here) . . .

For the tortured beef we are about to receive.

For the milk the creatures were raped to conceive.

For the pork that gave its all that we might feast.

For sparing us an equal treatment of the beast.

For Your mercy that we so readily denied.

For the poultry that we’ve killed and fried.

For Your compassion that forgives our sin.

For all the fish we catch and de-fin.

For the creatures you placed in our neglecting.

For closing Your eyes to our crimes unrelenting.

For the blessings we continually abuse.

For the animal rights we arrogantly refuse.

(Insert your obligatory closing here)

Edited from the original posted on CrowsHeadSoup on January 5, 2013


  1. Superb post, Peter. An all-purpose guide for any celebration that relies on the sacrifice of the innocent — any day, in any way and for any reason whatsoever. I’m thinking particularly of those who say a little prayer of thanks to the generous animal who sacrificed her life for “grace.”

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    1. Holy Wow! Thank you, Bill, for putting the flesh-eating realms in perspective. There are a number of things I can infer from the cartogram. My first of which is the excessively high consumption of meat in the predominately white male ruled countries. I also believe these are the countries with the highest rates of consumerism. And perhaps even the higher than average It’s-all-about-me crowd.

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      1. I was particularly struck by the Africa on that cartogram, and even more so when you consider the sheer size of that continent. Here is a great perspective on its enormity — from the same website too. An excerpt:
        “The world maps that prevail today have been embedded in Western imaginations since the British empire. They continue (to prevail) despite many challenges to their fairness and accuracy because they underpin the ongoing Anglo-Euro-American presumption that the world belongs to them, and pivots around these geo-cultural axes,” Marianne Franklin, professor of Global Media and Politics at Goldsmiths, University of London, adds.”

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  2. Succinct, powerful, spot on. Says it all. But still it repeats year in, year out, day after day….
    Even after all this time, most people don’t want to look at it, it always amazes me that so many people, who are, in every other part of life, ‘nice, good’ people, can happily just ignore this, just put it completely out of their minds and carry on as if it isn’t happening.

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    1. I think our species is defective, for the most part. And, I think a plants-only diet helps to correct that flaw. Eating things we weren’t designed to eat, most particularly the flesh of our fellow sentients, has a terrible psychological effect on a person’s ability to reason clearly.

      Thank you, outsidersinsides, for all your comments, support, and being one who knows.

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