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The Intro

I became a vegan when I awoke to the immense cruelty committed against our fellow earthlings. The injustice, the abomination in depriving any sentient its life-given right of liberty.

I became an anarchist as I struggled to free myself from the isms of government collisions intended to possess my mind, body, spirit, and labors.

I became…

The Weed

Although I was created by consensus,
I became not one of them.

I am the weed,
sprung from the crack
of solidification.

The undesirable byproduct
of unification.

The dreg spewed from the spigot
of consistency.

I am their societal defect!

The unintended consequence
of conformity.

The weed among the hardened

Each day, each hour, each minute,
every second,
more and more weeds grow from the cracks
of a sham existence.


  1. Veganarchists live and witness from outside the comfort zone of conformity, I’m proud to be a fellow weed. We are as rare as the occasional escapee from the slaughterhouse death camps, it is such a rare event that cellphone images get “shared” on social media, youtube videos report on “you won’t believe what I just saw walking along the highway.” Of course, it was the one in a billion that somehow broke free from the camp guards, wandered aimlessly onto a highway, became celebrated on the internet as “Holy Cow! That’s something you don’t see every day.

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    1. It’s a pity though that these “shared” animal escapes don’t invoke more sympathy for the creature. These social media addicts are more concerned with the novelty and the “Likes” they collect in sharing the curiosity rather than caring enough to understand the desperation of the fleeing sentient.

      I’m proud to know and associate with my fellow weeds, too.

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