Loving mother and calf. Source Mercy for Animals http://www.mercyforanimals.org/

Throes & Daggers

Oceans swell with depleting ponderance.
Sun intensifies a flagrant gaze.
No more do meadows lark.
Lands reek of rotting offal,
by an army of unrelenting foes.

Lives perish inside their cage.
(Closed, barren minds bare no rage.)
Shadows dip into the realms,
their days past unknown.
Daggers into gentle hearts–
Sly, these deathly throes.

Cry, mother, cry.
As the milking parlor awaits your return,
your newborn is led to die…


  1. Creatures with inalienable rights already become “livestock” by the second chapter of the first book of a bestseller translated into 1,000 languages. Organs that serve the similar/same function, nourished by the similar/same blood, but cut into pieces and sold as “food” for the one granted dominion over all flyers, crawlers and swimmers. Some of those organs saved and sold/donated for the one “created in the form of God” as described in that bestseller translated into 1,000 languages. How many organ transplants sold/donated by the progeny of Eve and Adam for an “unclean” animal that would otherwise die if a replacement organ does not become available?

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