To paraphrase Max Planck:

Veganism will not triumph by convincing the few flesh-eaters about the moral imperative to leaving off eating and enslaving our fellow earthlings. But rather because its opponents will die, replaced by freedom-oriented generations to come.

We contemporary vegans will die too, of course. Die the precursors, the vanguards to a new era of enlightened liberty.

“A scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.” ~Max Planck


  1. Yes, very much so. At present over here I am witnessing a boom in veganism that is quite astounding, and the reason for this is that those who could never get past giving a flying fuck (pardon my French) about the torture and cruelty meted out thanks to their own selfish wants and nothing more, are now finding out that their own skins and that of their children’s will be at risk if they don’t turn to a plant-based diet. The articles in the papers are strong enough to have turned the tide eco-wise, and though I welcome anyone becoming vegan regardless of the reasoning as it saves the animals from a hell beyond belief, I do not have to respect them for said reasons, especially when they can now have the side effect of them suddenly ‘really caring about animals, man’. When they die the future generations will already be vegan and the hope is that they will only be capable of disgust at their forefathers/mothers/folks generally. Twenty-odd years as a vegan has hardened me considerably towards humans who have been unable to see past ‘but I prefer the taste, and it’s sooooo nice’ over male chicks being thrown live into grinders and the like.

    If there is a God I hope he’s a big fuck off chicken.

    Esme blowing Peter a kiss from upon the Cloud

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    1. It seems to me the spread of veganism in the UK, the whole of Europe in fact, is far ahead of it here, particularly in the “Heart(less)land” of the US. Here, it’s still the same old song and ham.

      Thank you, Esme, for your comment and understanding.

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    2. Hello, esme 🙂
      Peter and I live in the same chunk of geography in the “Heart(less)land.” We have to cross the respective sides of the same river to find vegan fare, vegans in the hinterlands do not fare so well — food deserts as vast as Sahara or Siberia out there. Driving in the hinterlands offers automobile travelers rolling hills graced with Chik-fil-A cows, presumed to live highly contented lives on the munchable meadow before ending those full lives upon a sudden visit from an Angel of Death.
      “Mommy, we’ll see them again at the market, won’t we?”
      Hidden parenthetically here: (blood, guts and gore on the factory floor, cows ground like male chicks and colored with meat-red pigments that hints at “freshness).
      “Yes, dear. They live happy days here, as happy as you will be when your dad drops them on the grill.”

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      1. Hello dear Bill, I don’t envy you, yet know you are both exactly where you are needed to be, two vegan forces to be reckoned with who are eloquent enough to have the facts at their fingertips when pinned by those who have their fingers in their ears and little in their hearts. The fact that the UK can come so far gives me hope that the U.S will follow to some extent, can I see that fully happening? Not in my lifetime to be honest, though I’d love to be proven wrong. x – esme C

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  2. My wife and I were just talking about this while watching our two kids (5 and 18m) eat their breakfast. It’s becoming more and more clear to the younger generations that we have been abusing the shit out of our planet. The future is vegan. Fight it if you want but it’s coming regardless. It’s about damn time I’d say.

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      1. After I got sober and started to seek a certain quality of life I was very quickly pulled to veganism. I’ll be honest, I rebelled the very thought of it. The words were once spoken, out of my mouth came “I would never be vegan”. Now I couldn’t ever see myself as a meat eater again and I am happy beyond words as to what my whole food plant based diet has done to me and for me. I never thought I would say it, I feel so blessed.

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        1. I’d say you were blessed. Our past is not an untypical tale, I once — in good humor — teased a vegetarian at work. But in time I too freed myself from sways of society. The extraordinary is our internal fortitude to find ourselves, to defeat the consensus of groupthink, the indoctrinations of tradition. Proudly consider it as nothing less than rebellion against a system of lies and deceit. And like yourself, I revel in my veganism, most notably during my morning shits. 🙂

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  3. Yesterday, a radio announcer encouraged me to stay tuned for a heart-strumming story about a lady and the pig that would be slaughtered, how she used every part of the animal.
    …I turned off the radio…
    Down the road was someone did not turn off the radio, they listened to that “human” interest story with sate-isfaction, while frying the bacon, cutting the cheese, and slicing the slaughtered. Some thing to salve the crave for a few hours. A few hours later it’s time to open the refrigerator and get your meat out for the entree of the day. Everything tastes better with bacon, doesn’t it? I would kill for bacon. Oink. Burp.
    Set up the TV-table and watch ‘Meat for Machos’ brought to you by the cows who want you to eat more chikin, the chikins who want you to eat more cows, the pigs who crave bacon…
    Click TV remote.
    A message from the Meat Makers of America:
    “You want a clean and sustainable Earth. Well, so do we.”
    A message from the Fossil Fuelers of America:
    “You want a clean and sustainable Earth. Well, so do we.”

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  4. Yesterday I met a man, a friend of my friend’s, who told me he was a hunter but he was a GOOD hunter, because he ate everything he killed. He said that he had had heart surgery and I said, “Good. That’s the revenge the dead animals are having on your health. They are killing you and it’s only right. You kill helpless and innocent beings. What do you expect? That’s the price you pay for being a murderer.” I think he was surprised and immediately went to my shoes…and said, “Oh, you don’t wear leather?” I said, “No.” He asked, “Not a belt?” No, and I have cloth seats in my car.” He actually said, “Well, maybe you don’t need to eat meat to live but I do.” I said, “Yeah, that’s why you have heart problems along with everything else that’s wrong with you because you can’t live without eating death.” Fortunately, I don’t have to see him again. I also told him that every time I see a story where an animal kills a hunter I celebrate because the good one won.

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    1. I love this! I hate hunters, too; and in a special way. I smile as I imagine you in this confrontation, dominating the conversation armed with what? The truth, of course. They always go for the shoes, don’t they? And with the advent of vegan leather, they can only make themselves look more like the fools they are.

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  5. They ALWAYS go for the shoes. Every single time. To say you’re a GOOD hunter because you eat the whole animal. OMG! He wasn’t even being mean or trying to annoy me, he was being honest and felt good about himself. I don’t need meat to live but he does? Wow! People will tell themselves anything. Oh, and he has a hunter friend to donates a LOT of money to animal groups because he feels GUILTY ABOUT ALL THE ANIMALS HE KILLS. I can’t even imagine a mind that works that way.


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