The adage echoes

The adage echoes through existence, telling we learned something every day whether accidental or intentional and spoken as a benefit in our development.

But, it is a self-defeating course to set aside our rebellious instincts and intuitions in favor of the poisonous proclamations vomited from the mouths of authoritarians and other self-serving entities. Rejecting our natural impulses to question their narratives is how humans evolved into this, the greatest dystopian era in history; not in the ways of atrocities, these remain steadfast and unchanged, but rather in the sheer magnitude of the atrocities.

Beyond the ever-increasing fighting, warring, and destructions of humankind and earth I’m speaking of the uncountable billions of land and aquatic creatures sacrificed each year for consumption, sport, religion, science, and experimental purposes. How, by persistent propaganda and persuasion, these earthlings are regarded with no more reflection given to slicing a bell pepper. Sentients who valued their life, if not more than, as much as humans value theirs are afforded no consideration due to the ancient instructions of invested indoctrinations.

The reason we vegans are disliked isn’t so much our incessant entreaties to liberate the innocent. No, it is a quelled envy for the vegan’s freedom, courage, and ability to unlearn and disengage from the entrapping ways of old, giving insult and threat to the established norms. Change is both the dread and jealous admiration of the inculcated mind.

Viva la Vevolution!


  1. Homo sapiens: a self-involved species, that can’t seem to celebrate themselves enough. They absolutely revel in the kill. It’s what they do best — to themselves and to the livestock and wild-stock they control with impunity —
    “…the uncountable billions of land and aquatic creatures sacrificed each year for consumption, sport, religion, science, and experimental purposes…” Here is a powerful presentation of how many and how fast they do it each second
    From The VeganWebDesigner:

    Viva la Vevolution!

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    1. The numbers grow too large and too rapidly for my feeble intellect to grasp with any real comprehension. And still, it leaves out the aquatic and amphibious and doesn’t include dogs, cats, or snakes used for food, nor those hunted and poached for trophy or gain. And then we still have to add those ran over and kicked aside out of indifference.

      Your definition of Homo sapiens is well deserving. Laura at Blame it on Love said it well as well in a comment to Vegan Anarchy: “The vileness of people makes war necessary. What makes people so vile? The slaughterhouse, the vivisection “lab,” et al.”

      “The vileness of people makes war necessary,” quite profound.

      Thanks for your contributions, Bill, in all regards.

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  2. Hi Peter, great post. If you’re interested it would be good to have you contribute this post or something else of your choosing as a guest blogger on my lifeb4profit blog. It’s about the culture you allude to in your post, where we have put profit ahead of every life form on the planet (including the planet!). See what you think

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  3. ‘… giving insult and threat to the established norms’ pegs it. Just because a thing is accepted as the norm doesn’t necessarily make it right. In my circles, change is a difficult thing, particularly when it means breaking from those norms. It’s what separates the ‘vegan’ from ‘plant-based’ movements; one can always cheat a little on the latter.

    (PS Peter .. can one really be vegan for just a month? Is that even possible?)

    I’m happy to be a leader not a follower, even if it means some unkind words from those resistant to change. Viva the Vevolution!

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  4. Absolutely right and so well said. One of the favorites of anti-vegans is of course the old, “Humans have eaten animals and drunk their milk forever!” To that vegans can say, “So what? It’s wrong, and we’re proof that it’s not at all necessary, especially in today’s world.” And that is totally intolerable to the stagnant, cruel, smugly complacent mind of the foodie who cannot imagine life without the taste of meat/eggs/dairy.
    On a side note, I do wish people would stop following flamboyant vegan personalities (gurus) online who’ll do anything for ratings; notably the ones who espouse all raw, all fruit or anything unduly restrictive, and who also come off as nutty and despicable (not to mention, emaciated), since they provide plenty of ammo for anti-vegans, and many lousy people will proudly state, “This is why I’m not vegan!” Ugh, how disgusting to use someone’s personality as an excuse to participate in animal usage and slaughter. People can be so very rotten.

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    1. How many times have I heard, “We’ve always done it that way,” or some variation? Too many to count, and I too say, “So what?” It speaks volumes of the mentality of the speaker, though. You know straight away the type you’re dealing with.

      I like to call attention to your post, for it is good vegan fare related to the matter, “Not vegan anymore? You thoroughly bore this ex-ex-vegan.”

      And many of these vegan celebrities aren’t really vegans, as Shannon says, they’re plant-based.

      Thank you for your comment, Laura.

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      1. Hah, “plant based” was invented for narcissistic diet trendies with contempt for both animals and people who respect them. “Vegan” was too old-school or “cringey” and, for the sensitive among them, brought them some hurtful scowls or worse from normal folks, so they quickly latched on to plant-based, and all was well with the world again! (Well, all was well except for those despicable ARA vegans still being around.) Some real vegans also use “plant based” for some dopey reason. There’s no figuring people out for me. But I can virtue signal and bitch and moan about it all with the best of them. Oh, thanks for upping my measly views by calling attention to my post!

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  5. People do so hate to have their comfort zones prodded and really don’t want to be made to question things they don’t want to question and will not be made to look at them, because then they have no excuse; it’s easier, it’s more comfortable to just keep on doing the same old things and pretending everything’s okay, everything’s justified, all’s right with the world; and this suits the ‘rulers’ just fine. They don’t want free-thinking individuals, using their own minds and imaginations, they just want obedient drones, which, sadly, is mostly what they get.

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