The Caspian Tiger

Men, proud slaves of
their self-esteem
Adorned in military desire
stand steely
posed by the silent throes
offered eternity

Possessed of egos they’d not deny
they shout a silent cry
“We are mightier than the beast!”
They kill, they lie
stoked by their vanity
crippling, predatory insanity

The Caspian Tiger murdered to extinction for sport, skin, and human sprawl.


  1. “The Caspian Tiger” brings to life a tale I love to recall when confounded by those very proud ones

    “Possessed of egos they’d not deny
    they shout a silent cry
    “We are mightier than the beast!”

    It’s a powerfully gentle reply to the hideously demented, those “stoked by their vanity, crippling, predatory insanity.”

    I mention it frequently because it describes an alternative — an inconceivably repulsive story to those who deign themselves designed by their deity to eternal dominion, something to offend the proud, dignified, proper, civilized consumers of dead animals. Rafe Martin’s interpretation *The Hungry Tigress” of this Jataka tale buoys my spirit every time I read it. There are a number of interpretations out there — this one is available on YouTube:

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    1. Bill, know what I like best about posting a post? It is looking forward to your unique complementary comments that take my prosaic offerings to completion.

      There is a multitude of reason to admire the spirit of ultimate self-sacrifice given in the tale of The Hungry Tigress. Ah, what a world it would be if all were so selfless, then none would have to sacrifice to anything.

      Thanks for being in my corner.


  2. Hello Peter! That’s the greatest encouragement any reader and writer could receive. We complement each other’s commitment to the defense of the innocent fellow sentient animal beings who die by the trillions for ephemeral fashion statements and for an eternally insatiable thirst for the lifeblood of “livestock.” It’s a genuine joy to enjoin in the spirit of a veganarchism that we share 🙂

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