Beware the Awareness

Beware the Awareness. A drug — the hallucinogenic distorting our projection of reality. The more you inject into your consciousness, the more you desire, the more you require, the more resolved your addiction. Until nothing’s left of the old ideas, nothing left of common accord.

An outcast among the mislead.

A fugitive fleeing delusion.

A solitary withdrawn to the jumbled jungles of reason.

Awareness illuminates the darkest recesses. The forbidden becomes intimate. The familiar becomes strange. The world tilts precariously out of your favor.

There is no pleasure found in the needles of awareness: Learning things you weren’t given to know. Experiencing emotions you’ll struggle to manage.

The Advise of Ages offers comfort in its Holy Fog: Ignorance is bliss. Awareness is hell.

Embrace the illusions.

~The Guiding Lies


  1. Beautifully expressed and how true.Once you begin that journey ‘through the door’, ‘behind the curtain’, there’s no going back and everything, as you say , falls away. You really are cast adrift and it’s tough, but the more you know, the deeper you go and the shocks and jarrings just keep on coming and life is never the same again. I’m just glad there are some people who share the fact they experience these things too.

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