On May 23, 2019, the transfer of domain away from WordPress will finalize. I assume will remain; I don’t know.

The value of the domain is a negative sum. A liability I maintain regardless of its ineffective sway to ignite widespread respect for the liberty of all earthly sentients. —It is the condition of our freedom, this respect. You may think of it as Karmic or Karma’s equivalent, depending on your persuasion. But until all are free none will be free.

So, in light of WP’s recent suspension of Jon Rappoport’s blog, (I do not equate Jon’s rebellion to mine; we write from different perspectives of corporate/government mind control), and while I doubt I warrant suspension, I see the virus of social media suppression has poisoned WordPress. And this I fear will continue unchecked. Despite their stated mission to: “democratize publishing one website at a time.”

A virtuous political agenda?

Perhaps not.

Perhaps this is the etymology of the term democratize with the modern meaning of, a farce whose underlying intent is despotical control and censorship.

Democracy is the new Kleptocratic Kakistocracy. Now that’s a mouthful, eh? A mouth full of shit.

Freedom of speech is now freedom to censor.

In short, I can no longer trust Automattic Inc. with the keys to a domain name I’ve grown fond of, identify with. A toy that I’m pulling from their little WP sandbox and placing in the care of another registrar, who in time may prove a quisling of equal intention. I’ll see.


  1. Jon Rappoport has not yet been banned from Twitter, I just visited his feed to obtain his perspective in his own words, the ones not obtained under duress, I hope:

    However, making unpopular ideas unavailable pays the big bucks it seems — the technical capability to photoshop, voice-shop, expression-shop, background-shop, time/date-shop … Name a delusion that you wish to convey and you can find an app that turns the delusion into impeccable propaganda.
    Likewise, I own the domain.
    Veganism threatens the most profitable persons (a legal instrument that favors the largest of the über monstrous corporations). Opposing perspectives threaten the fewest of the few that command the largest of the monstrous.
    As always, thank you most kindly for your voice, Peter.

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    1. Well stated, Bill. Thanks for the Tweet feed, it plays well here even though I don’t do Twitter. Nor, as you know, Facebook, and soon, I may not do WordPress. We’ll see.

      Jon Rappoport was an enemy of the pharmaceuticals; I speculate this is what silenced him. As veganism becomes a significant force opposing animal agriculture — and surely it’s nearly there — then lookout, we may find ourselves censored as well.

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      1. The Monsanto-Bayer merger brings Big Pharm and Big Food (I’ll call it Big Phood) together in an ominous way, and with super-sized carbon footprint to boot — with apologies, where needed, for the wordplay groaners.

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