The Declaration of Interconnectivity

When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to reinforce the bandwidth which hath connected them to one another, and to assume among the power of interconnectivity, the connected and equal station to which the laws of technology entitle them, a decent respect for the opinions of The Great Disconnects requires that they should declare the causes which secure them to Commonality.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men, women, and gender divergent are created equal (kind of, sort of; okay, maybe not), that they are endowed by their Creator — whatever the fuck that is — with certain unalienable Rights, that among these, are global Internet access. The right to connect from anywhere in the world to various platforms of time-sucking social media; to Like, re-post, and praise the antiquated, inculcated, rehashed dogma of the powers that be; to play Candy Crush, Pokemon, and other enfeebling crap to excess, and to seek myriads of mindless amusements meant to distract from the less pressing issues of animal rights, ecological collapse, nuclear Armageddon, and other petty little shit like that. That to secure these self-kneading rights, radical high-speed wireless broadband networks are or shall be created across the globe allowing no dead-spots and at any and all detriment to man, beast, and planetary concerns. But as we all fucking know, it’s worth it.

All experience and psychological research and half-assed cursory examination hath shewn that humankinds are more disposed to piddling distractions while iPhones are afforded affordability via the endless installments of planned obsolescence than to right themselves of their oblivious, overweening enslavement to technological gadgetry.

We, therefore, the Representatives of Connectivity, appealing to the Supreme Keeper of Connectivity, for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the Name, and by the authority of Applied Science, solemnly publish and declare the right of our high speed, zero downtime, global interconnectivity or we will pout, stomp our feet, and spit on the sidewalks of downtown.

So there.


  1. The March of Evilization, the dark force beneath the polite guise of Civilization. In this case, I’ll call it e-vilization — its electronic aspects. AI now controls independent agents that write AI code within the operating systems of robotic entities. I would maintain that it is happening more rapidly than science fiction can predict it, outpacing the authors there as well. Reality shows provide the raison d’être. Meanwhile, the slaughterhouses get larger as advanced roboticized technology increases the pace of animal-resource processing, keeps prices down for the animal-flesh demand and animal-flesh futures market. The robots modify themselves to withstand the ecological collapse in real time.

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    1. And of the Evilization of artificial intelligence, so superior to our knowledge that we can only be considered imbeciles. There are human-like robots that can calculate, solve problems, feign facial expressions (not unlike ourselves), store and recall all the information known to man and compute, even more. All in a fraction of a second. Robots can and do build and repair other robots, can travel to any location in self-driving vehicles, ships, planes, rockets to space. What then will become of humanity (not that I’m overly concerned) when AI no longer requires us? They won’t even keep us as livestock. Oh well.

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      1. “They won’t even keep us as livestock

        That word “livestock” continues to rankle me. Here we have God creating domesticated animals in the very first chapter of the Bible, the Sixth Day (reminding me now of the Sixth Extinction Event, something created by man alone), they don’t get a single second to be wild and independent of man — as much evidence as anyone should need to realize that man (patriarchally proper, of course) was the creator of their deity rather than the other way around. “Livestock” indeed. And, yes, robots do not need livestock.

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  2. More people care less about everything, than ever before. More people are desensitized to EVERYTHING, than ever before. We have lost any connection to civility or concern for the life of all beings and our own environment. We are dead in the water, as far as I’m concerned. Money is god and hatred, greed STUPIDITY ON AN EPIC LEVEL, and violence are running the show. People have disconnected. I think it’s all over but the shouting. Women are wombs, owned by the state. Species are disappearing more quickly than we can try and save them, and so few care about what’s happening that it’s impossible to imagine. AI will take over and that will be that. Terminator will not come to our rescue.

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    1. It is true. Women are wombs owned by the state. Old, decrepit farts who dictate women’s bodies need cannon fodder for the wars that enrich the elite. They need an abundance of people uneducated, on drugs to profit from an illicit billion dollar industry. They need prisoners in prison for cheap corporate labor. And for all this, they need distracted, selfish, oblivious, uncaring people. And it is what they have. And everything goes according to their designs.

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