In quest for truth, I discover lies.
In hunt for freedom, I find myself.
In study of rulers, I evolve anarchist.
In rage for equality, I become vegan.

Left or Right

The political right classifies vegans as liberals and anarchists as left-leaning brats who can’t have their way; shallow notions, these.

Rights and lefts are political concepts created around the French Revolution to serve the aristocracy and capitalist classes, is no different today.

Lead or Follow

Whether for politics, sports, religions, or celebrities, there are those possessed by the insecure need to belong, to worship idols, and pay homage to a commonality. As if in response, there are those controlled by their psychopathic whims to own a drove of fawning followers. In the political arena of left and right, these dependently-troubled personalities come together, forming the guise of opposites serving the same oppressive structures.

There is life beyond the collar of politics. There is me. And other independently intellectual rebels who are neither left nor right. But apolitical. I am so fucking apolitical, I am Vegan with a capital vucking V.

I am amused hearing hoi polloi vehemently argue politics as if their freewill, welfare, and security rests on the shoulders of sovereigns who can’t govern their own gluttonous appetites. On the psychopathic quirks of capitalists and their politicians who follow the long line of tyrants and megalomaniacs risen from the demise of anarchy. And their gullible devotees imagining themselves having ownership in a country ruled—not lead—by maniacs and their sycophantic acolytes.

I stand at the expanse of human gullibility, glad my candle burns low, and laugh.

The Tolerant, Peace-Loving Left

Because I am tolerant, and because I am Vegan does not mean I advocate peace. Quite the contrary. Violence has its place in a world that speaks no other language. But not as aggression, and never at the expense of the vulnerable, weak, and disadvantaged of any species. Think animals. Think Palestine. And keep thinking.

I have obligation and responsibility to myself, some others, and the path I tread. Empowered by this honor, I keep myself mentally liberated and physically fit. Awareness. Exercise. Vegan diet. Drug, alcohol, and pharmaceutical free. And, like rednecks, dregs, and assheads, I too own guns, knives, and axes. But unlike these 2nd amendment predatory low-bloods, I will use my weapons only as a last resort of defense, if need be. However, this doesn’t place me on the side of the political right that I am armed. It positions me squarely aware of the violent, greedy resolve of humanity and the expectation of nothing but the worst from them as they have demonstrated throughout the ages, individually and collectively.

I’m reminded of Louis L’Amour’s adage in his western tales of lore (falsely attributed to Christian Slater), “It is better to have a gun and not need it than need one and not have it.”


  1. I’ve been pondering on your concept of violence without aggression, and that it has a place in the world, albeit not against the vulnerable. I hadn’t thought of it before as being something that can be done without aggression, but I’m seeing how the two don’t always have to go hand in hand. A violent cure may indeed be necessary sometimes in a situation where nothing else would work.

    I am also a Vegan with a capital V, and have been using that for the last wee while whenever I have referred to myself or other Vegans. I intend to write a small blog-piece about that soon (I also write a vegan blog), to encourage others to do the same.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t think I would be beyond using violence in the right situation, either.

        My vegan blog is called A B’Older Vegan (do you see a theme here :-)) – – am happy for you to check it out, but don’t feel obligated to add your name to my tiny list of followers – lol! Most of my readers come from when I post a blog-piece in the vegan FB group I belong to.

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