Cosmic Winter Wonderland

The Practice

When I practice dying, I close my eyes, and I imagine. I enter the void. A transient in the station of non-existence. No sight, no sound. The only sensation is breathing sensation. Slowly, gently, subtle points of light pierce the veil. Then, with a sudden, silent explosion burst in full. Engulfed in a cosmic breeze my arms sweep back like wings of a peregrine in mid-dive. I sail through the stars, the cosmos, the majestic infinity with incredible celerity.

Navigating through the memories of existence, past, present, and future, I come before the untold gods and goddesses. Beautiful in their irradiant animal and human forms. They do not stand above, lofty or arrogant, but gather around me in the Enormity. Together, among the crystal columns supporting the Entirety. I bow in deference, then hold my head high—as they favor no genuflecting.

There is no judgment, no condemnation, nor praise. I offer no excuses as the phantoms of my crimes, slights, insults, and animosities, my insecurities, sorrows, and pain appear in the ether, mingling among us like guests at a ball. Faceless shadows of myself that suck the turmoil from my soul. Left undenied, these apparitions of my life fade like vapor drawn into the nether reaches.

There is no love nor hate in these realms—the concepts of humans. There is an alliance, ineffable solidarity among the Celestials. A oneness I cannot describe. And there is an outcome to determine; a decision by divine consensus. Do I remain, or do I return?

For now, I return.


  1. At first I didn’t see that this was an excerpt from a book, so I was a bit awed and jealous at the thought that you could go on a mighty trip like this just by closing your eyes, and imagining dying 🙂 Or can you?

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  2. You’re brave (and totally in control of your mind) to actually do that, although it seems beautiful. The only part I didn’t love was “for now, I return,” since once free of this place and in a purely spiritual realm like you describe, I’d never voluntarily return here and to the curse of a physical, mortal body. And surely there’s no place among the Celestials for those mouth breathing brutes who got their jollies by viciously torturing innocents in this lifetime…they’d better be somewhere else being made fully and irrevocably SORRY.

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    1. And yes, I know, rather than “control of your mind” I actually mean enough so as to set your mind totally free, to a sort of dream state, but with more exact purpose. Good stuff, I say, after replying to myself like a nincompoop. The comments need an edit button! 😉

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      1. I’ve described the entire journey. It helps me to describe it. I don’t always complete it. When I lay in bed at night, I typically fall asleep somewhere in between. And I don’t always begin at the beginning. Sometimes, during the day, I’ll take a moment, close my eyes and pick up at random places. I like it. Sailing through the cosmos. But it’s just a crazed imagination. Right? I mean, none of it is real. But it’s good practice. It helps me prepare. Well, time will tell.

        The brutes, I can’t imagine a place in eternity for them. But I can imagine them as soulless, empty assheads.

        Hey, you’re no nincompoop. Not at all. Comments and replies should have an edit button.

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        1. I know, you have no choice but to return to Earth, for now. I wish every day for all decent souls (i.e. all animals and unknown number of people) to have the power to just LEAVE this place and get back “home,” and for all the vile, sadistic scumbags to be stuck here with only their own kind…and ZERO animals to vent their self-hatred upon.
          Sometimes when I close my eyes and have complete blackness, I’ll soon see something like your article image (the cosmos) appearing in “waves.” I’ll see spectacularly colored vapors or something, ebbing and flowing in the blackness, sort of like wafting smoke, but so beautiful, but only one color at a time. It reminds me of being able to travel through the universe as a spirit, only I feel stuck here and only able to be a spectator. Looks like you can actually get out there, out of body. I always reason that those visions are just my imagination and possibly something to do with blood flow in my eyes or eyelids, but it’d be so much nicer to know it’s real. Yep, time will tell.

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    2. Hi Peter and Laura,

      It would seem that Peter has been contemplating being incorporeal.

      Many sci-fi films have pushed the frontiers and envelops of existential forms, issues and possibilities. I really like the ending of the first Star Trek movie entitled “Star Trek: The Motion Picture”, in which the highly evolved space probe Voyager 6 called “V’Ger” unites and merges with Captain Willard Decker to become a new form of life that is incorporeal and travels into other dimensions! After all, we shall all have to say goodbye to our milky way galaxy even if we were to be immortal, as explained in my post published at

      May you enjoy the week! Happy February to both of you soon!

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      1. Hello Peter! How have you been?

        I would like to inform you that I have composed a long reply to your comment at the Quatation Fallacy post.

        Also, I would like to wish you a very Happy Chinese New Year with my latest post recently published at

        This post will take you on an exciting trip to many parts of the world to see how the festival is celebrated. I have also included many cuisines for you to see and even try making yourself.

        Please enjoy!


          1. Hello Peter,

            I am delighted to hear from you. You must have been quite busy lately.

            Well, here’s SoundEagle’s new statement or self-quotation: “I have no respect for a man who can rhyme ‘a word’ only with ‘absurd’.” 😉

            Happy Chinese New Year to you!

            By the way, “The Quotation Fallacy” post is getting even longer. I really appreciate your comments there. If you decide to reply to my latest comment at the post, it will be illuminating to be inform by you which sections resonate with you the most and why, as well as which Illustrated Quotations are your favourites.

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              1. Hi Peter,

                I am submitting this comment again to make sure that it has got through.

                Thank you for your update. You are now somewhat a rare sight (or species), having turned into a veritable (not vegetable) garage master!

                I have just finished extending and updating the section at

                I am curious to see what you think of my newest post about the Chinese New Year published just last week.

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