Somebody knows someone whose grandfather lives in the country and has a pond.

Enter Eby, short for Ebony.

My granddaughter, Megan, who I lovingly refer to as Megatron (The Evil Megatron), calls me. She tells me about her friend — who I’ll call Sue because I don’t remember her name. Sue spoke with the man who dropped a gosling off at a park in Louisville where she was spending the day. The gosling takes a liking to Sue, follows her like a puppy. Sue is concerned for the little goose, afraid she might wander into the road, afraid to leave her. Before he left, he tells Sue that Eby had a small wading pool to swim in and some other things I paid little attention to as Sue related the story to me, distracted as I was by this goose and our instant bond.

I know nothing of Eby’s past, other than she was well treated. Must have been, she takes to people. I don’t even know if she is a she. Perhaps she was rescued, and he thought it best to leave her in the company of her species once she’d grown. And maybe that would have been best. But it’s not what happened. Megatron and her friend brought Eby here and now follows me like a puppy; chattering, eating grass out of our hands. Eby gets along with Daffany the duck, the chickens, and cats though each is a bit hesitant of the other. She won’t sleep in the air conditioned coop with the other girls, insisting on staying outside. She nests on the dock at night. It’s a safe perch, 20 feet from shore with an unobstructed 360-degree view.

Eby’s been here two weeks. Since then, I’ve been teaching her to fly. Or at least building her confidence in the art of aerial acrobatics. It’s not that I can fly, mind, not in any waking sense. What we do is, she follows me to the back of the pond. I start running, and Eby runs a few paces behind, building speed, then takes off over the water. What started out as wings flapping air and feet slapping on top the water soon progress to full-fledged flight.

Today, we swam together.

I don’t know if Eby will stay with us once the geese start flying, maybe she’ll pick up with them. And maybe that would be best, for her. I’ll sure miss her, though.


Veil of Illusions

All your life, you’ve been lied to, manipulated, influenced, persuaded, baited, and cajoled to do things you would never have done, to believe things you would never have considered had they left you to your will.

And the worst part, you never had a clue.

That’s how Authority’s mind controlling venoms work, keeping you unaware and assured that you’re free to decide and act on your own while managing your every thought.

The antidote to these governing toxins resides in your willingness to see the freedom entitled every Earthling. Liberty lay just beyond the Veil of Illusions.

Kenmore and Craftsman, pictured above, nicknamed Yoda and Buddy-L. rescued  June 2016, by my son-in-law, Ricky Asmus, from a K-Mart dumpster. Innocent Earthlings discarded as trash by a dreg.

Their eyes closed and their umbilical cords dangled, newborns in a world short on compassion, yet miraculously finding a hero in the Seas of Cruelty.

They are now the equivalent of teenagers, a few months older than the picture; rambunctious, happy and healthy residing with us in our country home.

Oh Rat(s) Snake

Rat Snake
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I picked this little guy up off the sidewalk in downtown Louisville; Main and 6th, or there about, more frightened of the high heels and wingtips than they were of him.

Beautiful, isn’t he?

Here he is in the overgrowth of the back yard, newly introduced to the world of plants, trees, and earth.

It’s not uncommon for rat snakes to live in the basements of old buildings downtown and he must have come out of a nearby grate. I think he’ll like this environment much better, and I hope I did the right thing for him.

What do you think?

The Dudley Story

The Dudley Story

Get ready to laugh, cry, and be inspired by Dudley’s incredible journey.

The Gentle Barn — Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and our Planet.