Candlelight Dinner

A blade severs flesh!

Slaughterhouse floor bloodied red.

Candlelight dinner.



Mauritius 2013. Source: Animals Australia
For I saw in their eyes… Photo source: Animals Australia

For I saw in their eyes the betrayal they saw in mine.—

 Their last silent plea, their hope laid empty laying in me,

 This unlikely Savior they prayed I’d be.

 But Saviors save souls of only the least deserving.

 And their fate, innocent and pure though undeserving,

 Lay far beyond the cares of Heaven’s humanity;

 Lost in the labyrinth of God’s twisted insanity.

—And now, and in every moment’s passing, their cries echo long, lasting.

My heart wrenching, never fasting on the haunting of their ghostly pleas.

Ever daunting ghostly pleas.

They sing softly, “Betrayal, betrayal,” a hymn sung to my death. . .

. . . Till at last I lay in Hell’s warmth ’n silent depth.

Where there I saintly ponder, through the fiery inferno’s yonder,

Comes the drift of a faintly familiar lullaby,

“Betrayal, betrayal, betrayal,” ’tis the hounding of their maddening cry.

The Vegan World

Cornflower in Gouda, the Netherlands. Author: TeunSpaans

The Vegan World,

Below a canopy of a blue vibrant sky,

Her clouds lifting in a breeze softly sail by,

The cornflower in fields of long forgotten rye.

Where plum blossoms bloom, aside streams bubbly in tune,

To a soft cascading melody, endlessly, quenchingly.

Nigh the Valley of Painted Flowers,

To the rim of snowcapped mountain towers!

Where birds fly to Her rhythm, soaring high. So high,

Above fellow earthlings grazing in low grasslands nearby.

Across waves of golden wheat fields to oceans laid blue,

The Vegan World, a breath of love, vegan free, vegan true.

Damning Sacred Lives

Sheep and cow in South Africa. Author Lollie-Pop from Cape Town, South Africa
Sacred Lives

Light that guides my spirit this night, with

Clarity shining clearly bright. To why,

I wonder of minds in slumber.

Albeit, I live encumber,

For cries where none dare to listen, to

Teardrops lacily glisten, to

Faces staidly blue on fright. As you

Kill these lives despite, a vow

To guard yonder lights, when how

You linger with petty delights.

As their fates are sliced by bloody knifes,

Spilling innocent blood of their tender lives.

And for this I wonder of morality’s slumber,

Damning these sacred lives to sunder.

Blood Sea

I pen poems, lyric, and verse,

Exposing injustice in the world I curse.

Killing, bloodshed, cruel, and shameful ways,

Barbarity to fight my last days.

Armed in a will, a quill, and a vengeance pure,

I fight to free the last, lasting endure.

Aha but sadly,

Losing battles I wage engaged to infamy by pen,

An inept rage to gauge the violence of man’s sin.

For alas,

I pen poems where none shall read,

Gather the rhymes none shall heed.

Offered to lives none shall see,

For the depths of death that fill Blood Sea.

Murder On Your Plate

Dark, cold, rainy, these long nights.

Where they keep to pain covered in frights.

Sentenced to a life in hell, pure hell,

There’s nary a soul to do them well,

Only the crack of a whip, a punch, a shove,

Never the tender feel of a mother’s love.

Forever the torments, forever their days,

While you behave in hypocritical ways.

Easy for you to ignore such plight,

Living your life blessed in God’s eyes so right?

For as long as you have a meal and a prayer,

What hell would you give to an innocence’s care!

Aha, but for you I wish this  fate this night,

And every night until your death’s delight,

To scream in terror, to feel their fright.

And for that you say, “this a poem a rant of hate.”

Yes it is. As is, the murder on your plate!

Brute Evil Lies

Brute evil lies, they cleverly disguise,

Her misery, her suffering, her final demise.

Her agony’s rich, steeped full in pain,

Her life she’ll never again hope to regain.

While you, a bastard, a parasitic leech,

With vicious deceptions, these lies that you teach.

For profit and vantage and wealth you’ll collect,

The price is her sorrow the receipts you’ll protect.

To you I wish sickness, trouble, sorrow, and pain,

But, nothing I wish can match your disdain,

For an animal’s life so innocent, so pure!

Go, rot in hell, I pray you incur.

Cast From The Lives of Love’s Deny

Lives of Love's Deny - Photo Credit: Mercy for Animals

Her Spirit’s shrill cries from horrors do fly,

As Blood flows free, thick redden and lie.

Knees fold and buckle, she drops her head,

Sweet Eyes drain empty, sadden to red.

Faint Heart beats, pump last drop,

Soon She’ll wither, die but not rot.

She fades to White in Spirits’ guide-light!

As knives slice deep, clean through not quite.

Her hide made leather, her flesh small parts.

To cold storage, and packaged for marts.

Displayed with care, sly market cunning,

Makes bastards rich, and gluttons wanting.

A course attraction, your table’s delight.

With a toast to life, and a prayer tonight,

Thank the God, your life blessed so well,

Still, no care you give to another’s hell.

Aha yes,

Spirits’ shrill cries from horrors do fly,

Cast from the lives of love’s deny.

A Curse Long Cast

A curse long cast upon the earth,

To blind the eyes, its spell from birth.

To hide the pain and misery brought,

To deny the love of innocence wrought.

But Why

Sitting tall and handsome,

Striking and vain in your Satya Paul tie.

With a clink of crystal,

Lighthearted chuckle, your woman’s lust seduces the eye.


Not a hair out of place,

Trimmed flawless, plucked, combed, and neat.

You summon the vegan waitress,

With your arrogant wave, she appears at your feet.


Lofty French spoke,

With mocking contempt, you order tortured veal with rye.

But, at the window,

Not a notice you gave, a cold, wet, hungry dog limped by.


The valets so worship,

Your Porsche, still warm, now safe, sheltered from the ride.

As you feast on flesh,

The earth, she withers, the animals harmed cruelly then die.


The vegan, she ask, “But why?”