Cast From The Lives of Love’s Deny

Lives of Love's Deny - Photo Credit: Mercy for Animals

Her Spirit’s shrill cries from horrors do fly,

As Blood flows free, thick redden and lie.

Knees fold and buckle, she drops her head,

Sweet Eyes drain empty, sadden to red.

Faint Heart beats, pump last drop,

Soon She’ll wither, die but not rot.

She fades to White in Spirits’ guide-light!

As knives slice deep, clean through not quite.

Her hide made leather, her flesh small parts.

To cold storage, and packaged for marts.

Displayed with care, sly market cunning,

Makes bastards rich, and gluttons wanting.

A course attraction, your table’s delight.

With a toast to life, and a prayer tonight,

Thank the God, your life blessed so well,

Still, no care you give to another’s hell.

Aha yes,

Spirits’ shrill cries from horrors do fly,

Cast from the lives of love’s deny.


A Curse Long Cast

A curse long cast upon the earth,

To blind the eyes, its spell from birth.

To hide the pain and misery brought,

To deny the love of innocence wrought.

But Why

Sitting tall and handsome,

Striking and vain in your Satya Paul tie.

With a clink of crystal,

Lighthearted chuckle, your woman’s lust seduces the eye.


Not a hair out of place,

Trimmed flawless, plucked, combed, and neat.

You summon the vegan waitress,

With your arrogant wave, she appears at your feet.


Lofty French spoke,

With mocking contempt, you order tortured veal with rye.

But, at the window,

Not a notice you gave, a cold, wet, hungry dog limped by.


The valets so worship,

Your Porsche, still warm, now safe, sheltered from the ride.

As you feast on flesh,

The earth, she withers, the animals harmed cruelly then die.


The vegan, she ask, “But why?”

Never To Be On the Wrong Side Again

In living and loving, on the Wrong Side of life,

Causing death, suffering, damnation and strife.

Wickedly blinded, I stood there deceived,

Innocent blood I let flow, mocking love’s bereaved.

Their rights I wronged, ignoring their somber song,

With this vile kiss of death, I sang along.

Living, laughing, selfishly ignoring,

Pains and screams, their cry’s in mourning.


Alas! I awake, though how shall I feel?

Their pain and torture, for just a meal!

Wretchedness fills my heart to its core,

For their lives now gone, are lives nevermore.

Allowing no forgiveness, be sought or be found,

Wretchedness and pain, secure my bounds.


I stand guilty of crimes and treasons, oh so many,

Against creation, creator, the gods of all and any.

Never shall I forgive the monster I had been.

Only to vow, never to be on the wrong side again!

The Life You Stole

Shown you are, yet refuse to see,

A plight of terror, and their plea.

In your comfort you enjoy,

Pain and agony you employ.


Cast upon the dirty cold hard floor,

While you sleep in clean comfort all the more.

Evening break you find your meal,

Thank your Lord for life you steal!


So! When suffering visits your door,

You ask for mercy, relief, and more?

Reminding of good, you have been,

Too generous, kind, with no sin.


So puzzled are you no pity shown,

In pain and agony you die alone!

Justice served you fail to see.

The life you stole was in me.



A Mealtime Prayer for the Hypocrite of any Faith

Thanksgiving Grace

Thank you (insert your God here) . . .

For the tortured beef that we are about to receive.

For this milk that creatures were raped to conceive.

For the pork that gave its all that we may feast.

For sparing us equal treatment of this beast.

For the mercy that we so readily denied.

For the poultry that we have killed and fried.

For Your compassion that forgives our sin.

For all the fish that we catch and de-fin.

For the creatures you place in our neglecting.

For closing Your eyes in our crimes detecting.

For Your blessing that we continue to abuse.

For the animal’s love we continually refuse.

(Insert your obligatory closing here)

This Want for Palate I Shall Never

Dread fills their eyes;

Long grieve their cries.

Distress their lone sight,

As terror seals their plight.


The floor their blood soaks,

With knives in their throats,

For sins they why wondered,

Their sentence short pondered.


Convicted by glutton, greed, and callus!

For food short-gained from malice.

Vile, cruel, evil clearly,

Hid not shame nor wearily.


Alas, no longer they for life,

Their innocence severed in strife.

Frightened cries silenced in ever.

This want for palate I shall never.

Never, never, never!