20,000 Miles

In retaliation to the attacks against vegans in social networks across the globe and in face-to-face confrontations. Vegans. Are we perfect? No. But, we are better than you. Our understanding spans light-years beyond that of the self-absorbed masses. We have respect for life that no religious/spiritual pretense dare compare. A working vision for the future […]


Earth Earth. Our creator, our provider, our mother. Everything we have we owe to her. Everything. Still, I cannot restrain the profound contempt that stirs deep within me for her. Allowing a species existence that shows her nothing but scorn and mockery, for her creatures, for her creations. These humans, mother, these despicable life forms […]


BIZARRE It is a bizarre certainty wherein a self-professing evolved species feasts on the flesh of their fellow sentients. THE BINDS “Where do they go when they sleep?” Asked the Providence. “To the Binds,” Replied the Ebb of Night. “What is there, in the Binds?” He quizzed her. “Realities unbound by conventions,” she told him. […]


Taken I don’t understand this world or its people who claim intelligence. Who pretend superiority over Nature and her creatures. They know nothing. They are nothing beyond a difficult species who thrive off violence to themselves, to the earthlings, to the planet. Such an arrogant, selfish lot of myrmidons whose ignorance baffles me to no […]