Hunters, Trappers, Anglers Alike

Hunters, Trappers, Anglers Alike Psychopathy is an equal opportunity debasement. Spawned in every shape, size, and social order while infesting every sphere of human involvement. But fortunately not every human. Among the top of the psychopathic pecking order, you’ll find the redneck, dimwitted hunter, trapper, angler. Just one small, nearly imperceptible prick below the ruling […]


It emerged 440,000 years ago, on a planet in tune. Today, it crumbles, on a planet in ruin. Beyond its decayed façade of compassion, beneath its thinning translucent layer of concern, a monster stirs with merciless resolve; its violent aggression, fueled by the desperation of an insatiable greed. Hideous, self-righteous, it justifies its dominance by […]