Trivial Pursuits

Picture courtesy: Dig Out Your Soul

People ask, what I do,
alluding to employment
as if a career could define me
(or…resign me?)
I tell them, I am vegan
Vegan is what I do
All else is backdrop,
the occupation
of trivial pursuits

So, when they boast
of bacon, ham, or roast

I have only this for them, Fuck Off!
Most sincerely.

Killing, Get It?

Enormous beef plants are designed to process large volumes of arriving cattle. After cattle are stunned, they are bled out on the Cargill production line in Dodge City, Kan. They then go through a "carcass wash;" their hides are removed; and the cattle are cut into pieces. (Keith Myers/The Kansas City Star)
Enormous beef plants are designed to process large volumes of arriving cattle. After cattle are stunned, they are bled out on the Cargill production line in Dodge City, Kan. They then go through a “carcass wash;” their hides are removed; and the cattle are cut into pieces. (Keith Myers/The Kansas City Star) [How lovely.]

Fellow earthlings hang. Excited hearts now pump faintly their last drops of life as blood flows a river inside the abattoir. White-robed overlords oversee with heartless glee the demand the people place upon them.


It’s what humans do. I get it, now.

The government gets it. Man, do they ever.

Hunters, anglers, trappers all get it, and they get it well.

Every flesh-eater gets it; they cause it, abnormally so, and to their liking.

The slaughterhouse business is a boom, and they get, and take it all the way to the bank, who gets it.

The prison system gets it, with itchy fingers can’t wait.

Cops and soldiers get it, they signed up to get it.

Kill. Kill. Kill, for fuck’s sake.

It’s everywhere, and it’s 24/7/365.25.


No big deal, right? I get it.

But hey, let a news story break, a tragic accident, a natural catastrophe, shooting, people killed, animals hurt. An empathetic twinkle sparks inside an otherwise numb-skull, and suddenly the Androids get all emotional, teary eyed. Heartfelt.


What the hell?

Somebody got killed.

So what?

Who cares?

Nobody. That’s who.

After their obligatory sorrow drowns in its evanescent grief, everything’s hunky-dory. Enervated emotions are restored. Now back to the business of kill and let kill until the next spate of death hits the public airwaves. Then guess what? Suddenly sparked, fleeting superficialities ignite once again with an emasculated flare-up.

Why bother with silly transitory sentiment?


It’s what humans do, by fuck. They KILL!


Killing, a tradition we can’t live without, by participating within.

Comparing Us to Animals?

The Animals
Image credit: Unknown. But whoever the artist, they did a mighty fine job. Kudos.

Us and Them, Let’s See

Who hasn’t heard numerous times before that, “You can’t compare humans to animals. That’s ridiculous.”

For example, you can’t compare the Jewish Holocaust with the animal holocaust or black slavery to the slavery of animals. Or, simply human suffering to animal suffering.

I agree, it’s preposterous.

It’s belittling.

No valid comparison can a rational person conjure.

What demented reasoning defies logic to suggest an identity between the two? Ha!

Double Ha!

What possible presentation could infer equality? Only, lunacy.

Who contests we have no equal? Who dare?

What animal, ever, in its existence, possessed the indispensable disposition to initiated a war. None! Damn you, I say, none.

What animal able of producing massive amounts of disposables to overload the landfills and fill the mighty oceans? Yes, only us, and us alone!

What animal ever invented machinery able to pollute the air, water, and land with such ease and indifference? The mere utterance, asinine.

What animal capable of creating genetically modified organisms, medicines, chemicals, and poisons able to sicken and disease every living organism? Oh phew!

What animal maliciously harms another? Rape? Murder? Steal? Lie? Cheat? Grab a pussy?

What other being commands such convoluted communication skills as to sow ambiguity and dubiety into every syllable? Bark, bark. Meow, meow. Moo, moo. Really?

What animal ever watched Jerry Springer?

What animal willingly surrenders their freedom to empower an Authoritarian Overlord? A government they bow to? And then willingly pays this Determining Absolute the fruit of their labors? Come-on.

What animal creates imaginary Gods to give license to injustice? Damn you; they have no such imaginings. Thank God.

Now, who fancies any animal even remotely capable of such atrocities as the Holocaust, or that of black slavery, or the genocide of whole native populations, or the extinctions of entire species, or animal agriculture? None!

How dare any dunderhead compare us to the animals. Idiots.

Part of the Problem

Obsolete - The end of a species
“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” —Stephen Hawking

If you’re not a vegan or evolving in that direction, you’re a part of the problem, not the solution. The solution is environmental sustainability, and if that’s not you, then you’re out-of-date and out-of-touch, an oblivious genus steadfastly nearing the brink of extinction.

While the principal purpose of veganism is the abolition of slavery, once and for all, for all, the recognition that for any to live free, all earthlings must live free in a world free of Authority, there is too that little nagging reason of survival.

To ignore the more-than-obvious environmental impacts of animal agriculture, that is climate change, topsoil erosion, deforestation, hypoxic dead zones, air pollution, water pollution and freshwater depletion is to wander foolishly into the void of nonexistence.[1] [2]

And, by-the-way, if you’re not a vegan and you fancy yourself an environmentalist, you’re not.

Being that we’re on the topic of the environment, allow me to interject the devastation the military wreaks on the planet. You might say it goes without saying. But understand the gravity, it is monumental. And not just from the violence it thrives on, but from every aspect and every connection to its predacious nature is a violation of environmental harmony.

Then again, perhaps you don’t care that the environment is going to hell in the proverbial handbasket. Even if you’re not in denial, you might reason that you may well die before Homo sapiens perform their final acrobatic dive off the precipice of existence. And let’s agree, you’d probably be right.

But for the upcoming generations, you’re stacking the deck against them. And all because of your willful disregard of the many dire facts screaming for your attention.

It wouldn’t do for me not to mention the covert and overt psychological effects of killing and cruelty, enslavement and exploitation, whether directly or paid for at the supermarket, we are living them. War, violence, oppression, racism, speciesism, inequality to name but a few of humanities’ evils all have their roots in our attitudes toward the most vulnerable. And that starts with the animals, the most vulnerable.

It’s simple. All oppressions are intertwined. And it doesn’t take deep reasoning to reckon that out, only a readiness to see the interconnections that bind us all together in this earthy web.

[1] Cowspiracy, the Facts.
[2] UN urges global move to meat and dairy-free diet



On Earth

On Earth

On Earth

On earth,
honoring the lives of all earthlings,
is bizarre behavior,
living as the contemptible.

On earth,
compassion is the extreme.
War, killing, aggression,
are the trusted traditions.

On earth,
unswayed by celebrity charm,
free of cultural imperatives,
is a societal misfit.

On earth,
rejecting the consensus,
following one’s own path,
is to know the solitude of Freedom.

On earth,
from among the pariah,
the disregarded, the vulnerable,
I’ll choose my friends.

Hunters, Trappers, Anglers Alike

Bear murderers and turncoat hounds – image public domain via

Hunters, Trappers, Anglers Alike

Psychopathy is an equal opportunity debasement. Spawned in every shape, size, and social order while infesting every sphere of human involvement. But fortunately not every human.

Among the top of the psychopathic pecking order, you’ll find the redneck, dimwitted hunter, trapper, angler. Just one small, nearly imperceptible prick below the ruling elite in psychotic potential.

To murder any non-threatening, innocent earthling struggling to survive among the infestation of humanity requires a psychopathic reasoning.


Killing is deplorable.

It is a violent, heinous act of delusion, hate, irreverence, and war. It is the last resort to an extreme adversity, at very best.

To view hunting, trapping, angling as a sport is the twisted logic of a psychopath, a madman. Or, as is often the case, a madwoman.

Participation in a so-called sport by so-called sportsmen where the odds are so incredibly overwhelming that there exists no possibility of failure, no threat of defeat, no risk of life or limb, where then is the thrill, the excitement, the challenge of the game?

There isn’t any.

It’s all a coward’s sadistic amusement, a psychopath’s recreation.

Us and Them

Us and Them

Us and Them

It was never us against them,

in the beginning.

But they who turned us against them,

in the end.

Now, that’s all changing.

September 1, 1914

Martha the last Passenger Pigeon


Tho’ I never knew you
I know you now
Now, I share you pain
The murder of your mother
by a psychopath
for a banana, all fell
A lifelong confinement
The crime, sui generis–
put on display
That all might admire
but never respect
As you endured
the agonizing defect
of your life, your


Snowflake 1964 – November 24, 2003

Copito de Nieve, Spanish for Snowflake, was an albino gorilla whose uniqueness — and the psychopathic greed and influence of a deranged banana plantation owner was to blame for his capture and incarceration, and the massacre of his troop (all black gorillas) by the cold-blooded murderer known as, Benito Mañé.

“During the massacre, his [Snowflake’s] mother was shot by Mañé whilst she tore a banana stem apart in his banana plantation. The small creature was found clinging to his mother’s neck, his head buried deep in her black fur.”[1]

Orphaned for a fucking banana.

If you feel the outrage building within you right about now, good. You damn well should, if you’re vegan. But if you’re not vegan, and you feel upset by this then you suffer from cognitive dissonance.

Snowflake went on to spent the remainder of his long enduring life in the prison confines of the Barcelona Zoo, Spain. Restrained there for public exhibition and profit until he died.

[1] Snowflake

We Evolved to Eat Meat

“We evolved to eat meat,” or some such twiddly-crap, could well be the tritest excuse for eating our fellow earthlings ever blabbered a meat-eater. Commonly mouthed-off by someone looking to score points against a vegan or vegetarian, most likely by someone who failed biology—oddly and often enough by a creationist. Although not always.

But to be fair, let’s see if there’s any meat in their baloney.

First off, what is evolve?

The Free Dictionary defines it like this:[1]

v. e·volved, e·volv·ing, e·volves

a. To develop or achieve gradually: evolve a style of one’s own.

b. To work (something) out; devise: “the schemes he evolved to line his purse” (S.J. Perelman).

2. Biology To develop (a characteristic) by evolutionary processes.

3. To give off; emit.


1. To undergo gradual change; develop: an amateur acting group that evolved into a theatrical company.

2. Biology To arise or transform through evolutionary processes.

Well, there we have it. I’ll be damned. Item number 2 in both instances is a reasonable basis for the presumptuous assumption; one must admit.

But then further investigation begs the question when in our “evolutionary processes” did “we evolved to eat meat?”

I’ll take a stab at it. No pun intended.

Was it when our teeth grew to be hard, long, and pointy, able to crush bone in a single bite without shattering themselves?

Or when we developed claws in place of flimsy fingernails to grip and rip our prey open that we might feast our face in its fresh, bloody warm innards?

Maybe it was when our hide toughened up to resist brambles, thorns, stinging and biting insects while we prowl the thicket.

Or when our senses sharpened so keenly as to hear, spot, and smell prey off near and far.

Perhaps it was when we acquired exceptional speed and agility to overtake and capture prey with a graceful ease and bare hands or mouth.

No, no. I got it. It was when our digestive system evolved to process raw meat, blood, guts, hair, bone, scales, fur, and plumage without the need of antacid.

So then, we evolved to eat meat. It’s settled.


Anyone with more than a half-dead brain cell should realize that we never evolved to eating meat.

It’s called a choice.

Albeit, a poor one.

[1] Evolve – definition of evolve by The Free Dictionary,  (accessed July 27, 2016).