The Meat Eater’s Menu

As vegans and vegetarians who visit restaurants know, it’s down-right frustration reading menus vividly describing the cut, battered, fried, and grilled body parts of our friends. We scan the list of horrid realities in hopes to find something suitable to our refined and evolved cruelty-free tastes. So, to offer these mindless gluttonous flesh-eating fiends a […]

Comparing Us to Animals?

Us and Them, Let’s See Who hasn’t heard numerous times before that, “You can’t compare humans to animals. That’s ridiculous.” For example, you can’t compare the Jewish Holocaust with the animal holocaust or black slavery to the slavery of animals. Or, simply human suffering to animal suffering. I agree, it’s preposterous. It’s belittling. No valid […]

On Earth

On Earth On earth, honoring the lives of all earthlings, is bizarre behavior, living as the contemptible. On earth, compassion is the extreme. War, killing, aggression, are the trusted traditions. On earth, unswayed by celebrity charm, free of cultural imperatives, is a societal misfit. On earth, rejecting the consensus, following one’s own path, is to know […]

Hunters, Trappers, Anglers Alike

Hunters, Trappers, Anglers Alike Psychopathy is an equal opportunity debasement. Spawned in every shape, size, and social order while infesting every sphere of human involvement. But fortunately not every human. Among the top of the psychopathic pecking order, you’ll find the redneck, dimwitted hunter, trapper, angler. Just one small, nearly imperceptible prick below the ruling […]