So today is Christmas, the annual hypocritical. One of many repeating absurdities of tradition, culture, religion, and other self-exalting practices. Pray tell, ye of good cheer! Hast thou ancestral honorifics bettered compassion throughout the eons of unwavering adherence? Does’t the town-crier proclaim peace and goodwill throughout the realm? While veganism poses the most significant revolutionary era towards […]

20,000 Miles

In retaliation to the attacks against vegans in social networks across the globe and in face-to-face confrontations. Vegans. Are we perfect? No. But, we are better than you. Our understanding spans light-years beyond that of the self-absorbed masses. We have respect for life that no religious/spiritual pretense dare compare. A working vision for the future […]

Comparing Us to Animals?

Us and Them, Let’s See Who hasn’t heard numerous times before that, “You can’t compare humans to animals. That’s ridiculous.” For example, you can’t compare the Jewish Holocaust with the animal holocaust or black slavery to the slavery of animals. Or, simply human suffering to animal suffering. I agree, it’s preposterous. It’s belittling. No valid […]

Independence Day, the Elite, and It’s what’s for Dinner

Independence Day, the Elite, and It’s what’s for Dinner I’m back. At least sporadically. Thanks for hanging in there. From a previous post, a rewrite for 2016 and in my upcoming book: Poems, Scrutinies, and a Short Story [or two] by a Vegan Anarchist — Inspirations of a Defiant Sort. Click here to view the […]


Reading the wall, that’s all. Bombs fall Missiles fly Drones buzz (the sky) Satellites spy Media sing Bullets zing Mothers moan Fathers groan Patriots whoop ‘n holler (for God and country) As another one bites the dust on the streets, on the fields, in the slaughterhouses . . . by a damnable fog of lust […]